After a few of you, begged (well kindly suggested) that I get off my rear-end and finish the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Read Along, I decided to push my feelings aside and finish this book.

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Fifty Shades Read Along Welcome back, darlings. I’m so sorry, yes, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ broke me for awhile. But, the Read Along is back. Brace yourself for…

Fifty Shades of Grey Chapter 17

When we last left Christian and Ana he had just told her to shut-up an go to bed. But — of course, he went to bed with her. So, of course we start the next Chapter with our dear heroine waking up all aflutter because:

“I open my eyes, and I’m draped in Christian Grey.”

I guess that is not a bad position to be in. If you are that sort of girl. And again, Christian pulls her closer and gives her hopes by the smallest little tidbits that he feeds her. She is literally basking in the happiness of waking up by his side, especially after she finds out he lost track of time and has to rush out to make a meeting.

Christian Grey doesn’t do late.

He does leave her though with more orders about her car, that Taylor will take care of and the threat of more emails to set up their rendezvous time. It is enough to leave Ana all swoonified and glowing:

Christian Grey spent the night with  me, and I feel rested. And there was no sex, only cuddling. He told me he never slept with anyone-but he’s slept three times wtih me. I grin and slowly climb out of my bed. I feel more optimistic than I have for the last day or so.

Fifty Shades of Tea Anastasia Steele you’ve just managed to win the heart of Christian Grey…what are you going to do now?

Have some tea.


Tea. Breakfast and a bit of mundane things…and then more emails between Ana and Christian. In the emails Ana expresses her wanting to make Christian happy, but her guilt over feeling “sated” after he spanked her. What was odd was the title of her email which was “Assault and Battery: The After-Effects” it eluded to the fact that she feels violated, because isn’t that what Assault signifies? But, yet after she drops those intense words she mentions that she was aroused. So, I guess she is giving him mixed messages. But, of course in the Christian Grey way he logically circumvents all her questions with very straight-forward yet suggestive answers.

More quibbling back and forth, with the only real eye openers every now and again with statements of Christians, like when Ana threatens to run away to Alaska and he responds with:

A good defense against stalkers

Pepper Spray Anyone?

“Alaska is very cold and no place to run. I would find you.”

That would scare me. Luckily our daring Ms. Steele gains a backbone via emails and calls him on his “stalker tendencies” and his eluding to the fact that he is treated by a psychiatrist because of his “stalker tendencies.”

Then…to make matters even worse, Ana finally escapes the insane emails back and forth to go to work, but…and yes, a but…while at work she gets a package via courier. Yup. Christian has struck again — what else, but a BlackBerry, so she of course, can email even more. This book is probably half emails. And then we descend into more emails:

“I need to be able to contact you at all times, and since this is your most honest form of communication, I figured you need a BlackBerry.”

Luckily, Ana defends herself well again via email and manages to even ignore the buzzing in her posterior (of course the phone is placed in her back pocket).

In the midst of the BlackBerry, Ana does manage to finish up her final shift at Clayton’s which is a mark of her transition from college and Portland in general.The interaction is short, with a quick little note on the fact that this part of her life is over and in the few short weeks her life has changed drastically. But, instead of delving into this, James just brushes over it. Yeah life has changed, on to more important things. Oh yes, the new car that Christian gave her.

“Generous, over-the-top bastard, isn’t he?”

Kate greets her at their home as she sees the new car. But, Kate seems sated also, claiming that his staying the night made him better in her estimation. Yeah, deep moment satisfied. Time for packing and more emails. Which lead to a reminder that Christian has a doctor visit planned for her.  Taylor also shows up at this time to take her car off her hands. When Taylor reveals that he’s worked for Grey for four years, Ana wants to “bombard” him with questions, but Taylor preempts her questions with a simple:

“He’s a good man, Miss Steele”

But, then again, what else would your “boyfriends” lackey say?

Run for your life!!!

Don’t think so, with a health care plan and nice salary, you smile and nod and deliver your bosses submissives to him with a pat on the butt…what else?

This chapter wouldn’t be complete in its banality without a visit from the 2D character of Jose and a bit of Chinese takeout. But, it does manage to bring about Ana’s inner goddess, with visual and everything as Ana reminisces on the attempted kiss by Jose and the fact that it is all behind them:

“Well, it’s been swept under the rug that my inner goddess is lying on, eating grapes and tapping her fingers, waiting not so patiently for Sunday.”

The goddess though is interrupted by a knock on the door (insta-guilt via Ana too — thinking it might be Christian. I’m guessing this is because she truly has put him in the omnipotent category and believes he’ll know that she has Jose over) from Elliot who immediately jumps Kate and they begin to get it on in front of Jose and Ana.

What a hooker…

This prods Ana and Jose to leave and go out drinking and Jose to ask her to go to his art gallery opening.

When Ana get’s home of course there is an email and numerous phone calls from Christian wondering where she has been. She is instantly contrite and worried about his reaction. But, after hearing from her, Christian is sated, but resigned to the fact that she won’t do as told. Maybe he’ll beat it into her…

 Ana & Kate Move

The move in. They hook up the television. Well, Elliot hooks up the television. Ana looks forward to Sunday. Christian sens some champagne and a blow up helicopter. More emails.

The next part of the book opens up with…

“I can drive the Audi in high heels!”

You go girl.

Oh wait…the inner goddess chimes in with the almost exact statement. She is in cheer-leading mode. Go get some! And she very graciously marches up to Christian’s apartment. They greet each other very nicely in my estimation. Very yummy, but…Christian reminds her that she is due for her appointment, a Dr. Greene…a house call OB-GYN appointment. Joy. And as he walks away to leave her with the doctor — he leaves her with this tidbit:

“I’m so glad you’re here,” he whispers. “I can’t wait to get you naked.”

And just when I thought I had had enough…

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