PJV Quickie: A very cute “opposites attract” story with a military twist.

Title: The Officer Says “I Do”
Author: Jeanette Murray
Type: Romance
Published: July 3, 2012 by Sourcebooks
Source:  Received from Publisher
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The Officer Says “I Do” is the first book in Ms. Murray’s new Semper Fi series.  It focuses on Timothy O’Shay, a careful, by-the-book USMC Captain who likes his life predictable and uncluttered.  Free-spirited Skye McDermott grew up on a commune; she’s a big personality who likes color and clutter, and doesn’t eat meat.

Skye is having a night out with her friends at the casino in Las Vegas that she works at, when they meet three good looking men gambling at the tables.  After a whirlwind night together, Tim heads back to his home in California, not remembering that in his drunken state he married Skye!  Skye can’t believe he doesn’t remember and tracks him down.  Since she’s already decided that since Fate threw this handsome man in her path, she’s going to make the marriage work.

It took me awhile to get into the story, but once I did, I enjoyed The Officer Says “I Do”.  At first I was put off by the flighty, hippified character of Skye – all flowy skirts and tofu.  But she grew on me – from immediately finding employment instead of living off Tim’s salary to trying to fit in to impress his Commanding Officer, I’ll admit she surprised me.  I’m a “Navy brat” and I can say Ms. Murray gives a good depiction of military home life.  I really liked Tim, and found a kindred spirit in his tidy, family-oriented character.  The changes he made to accommodate Skye were subtle but important (Full disclosure:  I’m a bit of a neatnic, and just reading about Skye leaving her shoes and papers around the house made me edgy.)  The scene where he realizes he misses having her things strewn around the house was sweet.  The difference in Skye and Tim’s upbringing made for more than a few misunderstandings, which added to the overall conflict of the story.  Throw in some steamy bedroom scenes and some side characters who are fighting their own attractions, and you’ve got an entertaining summer read.



Fans of Military Romance and/or Marriage of Convenience stories will enjoy The Officer Says “I Do”.  It’s not so technical that I didn’t understand what was going on regarding the military aspects but had enough romance that I wasn’t bored with the military stuff.


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