PJV Quickie: While the Lucky Harbor Series is one of my favorites, Lucky in Love fell a bit flat for me.


Title: Lucky in Love (Lucky Harbor #4)
Author: Jill Shalvis
Type: Romance
Published: June 1, 2012 by Forever
Personal Copy
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Jill Shalvis writes the heck out of Contemporary Romance and I love her Lucky Harbor series about three sisters who find love in this small Washington town.  I was thrilled when I saw she’d three new books set in the same town; this trilogy focuses on three friends who live and work in the quirky little town of Lucky Harbor.

Lucky in Love spotlights Mallory Quinn – nurse, town good girl, and kind of a pushover.  She’s reliable, focused, and can’t say no to a request for help.  Her friends decie Mallory’s problem is she’s looking for “Mr. Right” and she needs to take a spin with a “Mr. Wrong”.

Ty Garrison, aka “Mysterious Cute Guy” is a former SEAL and medic – he’d been in a horrible accident that left his friends dead; he was badly injured and pulled off duty until he recuperates.  Ty is temporarily living in Lucky Harbor in a house a friend is letting him use while he recovers, both physically and psychologically.

Mallory is trying to start a health clinic to care for the underpriviledged, and is facing an uphill battle.  She’s got her own reasons for wanting to succeed and help people who might otherwise fall through the cracks.  Her budding relationship with Ty becomes a complication to achieving her goal.

Ty couldn’t be more wrong for Mallory, and both of them know it, but when they’re together it’s all passion and hot sex.  Mallory knows she’s going to get hurt when Ty leaves, but she can’t seem to stay away.  Ty knows he’s going to hurt her, but she brings out feelings he didn’t know he possessed, and he can’t make himself turn her away.


It took me awhile to figure out what about Lucky in Love didn’t work for me.  The writing is good, the setting is one of my favorites and the characters I love from the first book make appearances here.  There are two problems for me:  The first is that Mallory and Ty both kept telling themselves that Ty was going to leave and break Mallory’s heart.  The second is that Lucky in Love tackles some serious issues facing society today – health care, drug abuse, PTSD and lack of facilities for veterans, suicide.  Both of these issues led to me having a hard time keeping focused on the book because I would have to put it down and “step away” so that I didn’t get depressed.  I have a tendency to feel the emotions of the characters as I’m reading and in this case I was just kind of bummed through a lot of the book.   That’s not to say there weren’t any funny parts, or sexy parts, because there were.  I absolutely love Lucille, the elderly resident who puts all the town gossip on facebook, and Mallory’s friends Amy and Grace were fun characters who seem to have interesting stories; I’ve already purchased the next book, At Last, and plan to start reading as soon as I can.



You do not need to have read the first three books in this series to enjoy Lucky in Love, it’s the first in a ‘second trilogy’ set in Lucky Harbor.


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