Book Blogging 101Part I – ARC Etiquette

What do you think is the proper guideline for posting reviews on ARC’s you receive? Most publishers ask that you wait until at least a month before release date to post your review. I usually try to post my reviews a week before of the week of release; do you think they should be posted before this? I notice some bloggers post reviews of ARC’s MONTHS after the release date. I guess I’m just trying to figure out if it’s expected of you to post a review before release date or if it’s ok to post them after…Thanks! – Nereyda

This really is dependant on the publisher, Nereyda. Most state, that they prefer you post within the month of the release, but others have told me anytime is good as long as it’s before the release date. I’ve posted after release date before, mainly because it takes me so long to get to some books. I’ve actually waited until the second book was about to be released to post the review, but I’m not sure how that played in the publisher’s eye. My advice to you, would be to build a communication line with certain publishers and ask their preference if you tend to get books from them regularly. From my experience I know a few publishers have specific preferences, others really aren’t particular. And it might even vary between your contacts, since they have different Marketing reps for divisions. It can be confusing. But rule of thumb I would say about a month before release day to the release date, is target.

If I recieve ARC’s from an author, is it okay to use that book for a giveaway on my blog? I have had authors ask me to host a giveaway, which I understand, but if I were to host my own personal giveaway (like I just hit # followers giveaway!) can I pick any of my ARC’s to give away? I just want to make sure it’s not bad etiquette to do this. – Megan

Always ask the author first when giving an ARC away… if it is before release day. After the book has been released, you are pretty much in the clear. This goes for starting ARC tours and things like that. It is always better to ask for permission. The reason for this is because sometimes they have restrictions on distribution, or only a limited number of ARCs because of secrecy, those types of things.

Mass distributed ARCs at conferences though are another thing and I’m always up in the air regarding ALA or BEA books. They give away hundreds and a lot of them end up on eBay being sold or Bloggers grabbing doubles and even triples. I don’t think they expect permissions for giving those away.  This really only comes into play when you are specifically selected to get an ARC.

Part II – Technical Issues

When I Google my web site, the description doesn’t come up.

I get stuff like this: ” Posted by Juju at Tales of at 11:21 AM 69 comments · Email ThisBlogThis! … News Flash: Coupon for Tales of Whimsy Readers …”

How do I get a description of my site to appear?

For example when I Google you I see this: “Parajunkee’s View is the home of all things paranormal. The blog is a promotion/review spot for books, movies and anything else that might be …”

Thanks R 🙂 – Juju at Tales of

Juju – you need to set up your meta tags. These are special HTML tags that give the browser your “metadata”.

Just tag strings that you place within yourarea. It is easy in theory, but can be rather confusing. Take a look at this tutorial, it might help you out: Blog Know How

I go back and forth on this and hope you can give me your opinion. I use Blogger, and I’m never sure whether to break my post (so the reader should have to click “Read More”) or to let the whole post appear, no matter how long it is. I’ve sometimes made readers click, under the assumption that I’ll be able to see what casual visitors to my site are more interested in, but other times I feel I should clean up my site so visitors don’t have to scroll through really long posts. Thoughts on what looks best/is best for readers/is best for SEO? Thanks!! – Sarah

The read more link actually helps your blog load faster for people landing on your homepage if you have a lot of posts generated on your landing page. Your SEO is not going to be impacted, because the words and keywords that you are sending out there will lead people to your actual posts, so they are still there and working.

[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]This is the manually inserted READ MORE link, not the automatically “excerpt” posts set up for Reader.[/highlight]

As a personal choice, I kind of like the read more link for large posts, but if you have short little posts, there doesn’t seem to be a need for it. I specifically make sure I do a read more link on posts with Linky Lists, or other type of scripts that have to load and tend to lag down a blog.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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