VoraciousPJV Quickie: Please take into account that this is book #5 in the series and I have not read the previous books, but intrigued by the cover and the fact that it appeared in my mailbox, by magic, I thought I would give it a try.

Title: Voracious
Author: V.K. Forrest
Series: Clare Point, #5
Type: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Published July 31st 2012 by Kensington Publishing Corp.
ARC Review, copy provided by Kensington
Rating: 5 Stars

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Being my first trip to ‘Clare Point’ I didn’t have a prior working knowledge of the characters and their unique vampireness, but I was instantly won over by Aedan Brigid and his clan of vampires. These vampires are very different from anything I’ve read before, they are cursed, made into vampires, to live over and over again and protect humans from supernatural threats. Aeden is a detective of sorts in the clan and his goal is to basically eradicate evil.

The concept of the world of Clare Point was very interesting and unique, but the overall play of the story was very complex. There were a lot of characters, which is very normal for a long standing series, but picking it up at five had me scratching my head at some points. The main focus was the vampire Aeden and the human bartender Dallas. Aedan, was supposed to be on a sabbatical, but when a woman is attacked, finds himself chasing a serial killer he has been searching the world for. Along with the hunt to find the attacker/killer, Aedan keeps getting drawn back to Dallas, even though he knows a vampire/human pairing is forbidden.

The oddest thing about the book was the concept of the vampire. Immortal yes, but only because they keep being reborn as teenagers. So, they achieve old age and then die and are spit forth as teenagers and have to slowly recover their memories. What was odd about the situation was the fact that if a paired couple is split earlier, one could be much older than the other. One in fact could be a very surly teenager, while the other is a matronly woman. It was very tragic and odd all in one.

The writing was well done and I think I might have done myself a disservice by starting at book five. The hole concept being intriguing, but the fact that I had no prior attachment to the characters was a bit of a drag. I wanted to get into their lives, but the whole introduction of the teenagers sat strange with me and there was more of that type of writing in the beginning instead of the introduction of the mystery and crime solving which I was more interested in. This focus on Clare Point and the other characters just led to a slow read that didn’t pick up until I was almost ready to give up on the novel. But, overall I did enjoy it and the interaction between Dallas and Aeden was fun. I think I might have to go back and start form book one, to give this one a fair shot.


Unlike me you should probably start at book one. Fans of mysteries and crime might enjoy this mixed with your paranormal romance. Vampire fans, should enjoy. This is an adult romantic novel, as you can tell from the cover.

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