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One for the MoneyPJV Quickie: Being a fan of Katherine Heigl and also a fan of the ‘Stephenie Plum’ book, I knew this one was probably going to be a hit with me, but one can never tell with movies. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed.

Title: One for the Money (2012)
Genre: Action, Crime, Comedy
Rated: PG-13 (partial nudity, prostitutes, sexual references, language, drug references, violence)
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I’ve read no further than the first book of the Stephanie Plum series, but this movie made me want to go deeper. Evanovich’s writing is fun and kind of quirky and makes a perfect beach bum read. I just hadn’t picked up the next one.

Stephanie Plum is down on her luck, car is being repossessed, eviction notices on her door, there is only one option that opens up to her. Recovery Agent for her cousin Vinny. She has no experience, but how hard could it be?

Stephanie Plum’s character in the book is great and Heigl embodied her really well. I did imagine a bit more of a Jersey accent, but I could understand the downplay of it…we do not want to be channeling Sn00kie. Overall nothing stood out to me as losing the “feel” of the book. Plum was great and  Jason O’Mara as Morelli was yum, a little overshadowed by Ranger, played by Daniel Sunjata, though.

I was very pleased with the movie and I hope they develop a wonderful franchise out of these movies. They have tons of material to work with (23 Stephanie Plum novels). The next 007 type franchise??

My favorite scene was when the sick bondsman came to warn Plum off of Morelli and stole the keys to Morelli’s SUV, flipped her off and then blew up. And of course I enjoyed all of the scenes with Lulu.

I highly recommend checking out the movie. It was funny at times, compelling and a bit quirky. It was just recently released on DVD and I picked mine up at Redbox, which I’m now in love with. You do not have to read the book before checking out the movie.