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Feeling a little blocked up? Blog Content lacking?

Having a bit of blogger’s block and need to spice up your blog content? You’ve been reading these Book Blogging 101s and don’t want to just throw up a filler post or participate in ANOTHER meme, but you have an empty day and don’t have the time to write a detailed review or think of some witty 500+ word FYI post. Here are some options that you might be able to get to work for you.

Read Along Vlog –
No editing, just read. Feature YOU on your web cam grabbing your favorite book and reading about two to three minutes. Animate it with your voice alone. What do you think the characters sound like? Give it a try, you might find you have a liking for it and it’ll be a bit different than your usually blog content.

Best Book Post –
Have a top five list that you want to share? A quick – these are the best books I’ve read this year, month, life..etc. You can do a multitude of these sporadically throughout your blogging career by switching it up and adding good SEO terms to your Blog Content. Best Urban Fantasy books I’ve reading this month, year, ever…best children’s books etc. The options are endless and they are very popular.


Source: Instinct

An Image is Worth a Thousand Words –
They do have a meme called Wordless Wednesday, but you could always do this on days you don’t have a pertinent topic to cover. Humor, I find, works best, but you always want to keep it on topic. Examples that can be used, what everyone calls Book Porn – with fabulous libraries.


Ask a Question –
This is a good way of starting a conversation, but not necessarily way of stepping away from your blog for a day. It could always back-fire if your question is “not good enough” to illicit a lot of comments. So, make sure your question is a hot topic or interesting convo starter.

Spice it up –
Haven’t been able to review a book for a bit? Maybe review some music that reminds you of a book? This album would go great with my favorite romance etc.

Tips & Tricks –
Think about something that works for you regarding reading, blogging or relaxing. Give your reader some quick tips on fun things. For example, if you really love a certain new feature on Amazon or Goodreads, why not let your readers know about it?

Current Events –
Do you keep abreast of signings or events in your area regarding books? Maybe post some quick links about authors visiting certain book stores or conventions in your area. This may not be pertinent to your national readers, but it might bring a few local readers to your blog via search engines.

Happy Thursday my Darlings! Read More…Talk Less…Blog with Sincerity


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