The Dead of NightPJV Quickie: Book two of the Tomorrow Series brought it…

Title: The Dead of Night
Author: John Marsden
Series: Tomorrow #2
Published: June 1st 2006 by Scholastic Paperbacks
Rating: 5 Stars

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A must read follow-up to a must read series. Book two in the TOMORROW series didn’t disappoint, in fact it sprung me into action, the moment it ended, to purchase book three. This has to be one of my favorite series, just the pure voice of Ellie in a world that has been completely destroyed makes for a compulsive read. If you haven’t read ‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ I highly recommend that you do so and maybe give the audiobook a go, because the narrator, Suzi Dougherty is brilliant.

‘The Dead of Night’ starts right where ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ left off. The group of five is neck deep in a war and there are now two that have been captured. The group is faced with the guilt of the lives they might have taken and the fact that as teenagers they are making some very detrimental decisions. Yet, relief might be right around the corner as the group stumbles upon what seems to be a large group of rebels, called Harvey’s Heroes. There is something odd about this large group of “heroes” though…

This one was all over the place, it just flew from one action scene to the next and sucked me deeper into the lives of the Aussie teens. It is action apocalypse at its finest.

Recommended for fans of young adult apocalypse novels. There are some heavier themes with violence and some sexual references so recommended for more mature teens, but there is nothing graphic that should turn off parents.

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