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This is why I stopped following your blog…

I personally do not actively go out and unfollow blogs. But, every now and again something will make me sit back and rethink my support of a particular blog.

1. Integrity:

Your Integrity only goes as far as your page views…or your free stuff.

Greedy Bloggers Suck

Daffy Duck © Looney Tunes

Look I’m not going to push my morals on you (see #3) but there is a difference between Blogging with Integrity and just selfish or greedy blogging.

Why do *I* think your blog lacks integrity?

  • Greed. Your blog is full of advertising and affiliate links, in fact I can’t tell a post from advertising. There is nothing wrong with doing affiliate links or advertising, but make sure the draw of your blog is the original content and you are not just regurgitating promo copy to “sell” clicks. If I believe that all you care about is pushing your money making agenda, I’m probably not going to follow you.
  • Trickery. You are hosting OVER-THE-TOP Giveaways, but rarely post about the winners. In fact when I check back on your blog – there are hardly any winners posts, or an announced winner via Rafflecopter. Suspect. First, I couldn’t understand how you could afford these giveaways, or “talk” an author into sponsoring one and now I don’t see a winner. Anyone can just throw a pic of something up on their blog and “say” they are giving it away. Doesn’t mean they actually get that prize.
  • Distrustful.  You’ve broken trust, by doing something reprehensible (stealing content, forging giveaways, cheating etc.) and have made no attempts to rectify the situation with an apology or compensating the victims. The term “only human” has been thrown around in recent events regarding bad behavior. And yes, I agree, we are only human and it is human nature to err, but it is also my choice to continue following blogs that “err” and if I believe I can not trust this blog again to generate original content, or forth-right giveaways, well what is the point of following them?
  • Theft. It is obvious you couldn’t care less about intellectual property rights — your header even has the “iStock” logo on it. Nothing turns me off more then when I go to a blog and see a watermark.

2. You Put the B in Itch…

Please stop bitching at me. I really only came here to see what all the hubub was about and now I feel like you just cursed me out. Not cool.

  • Cursing. Look, I’m not PG-13, in fact, I’ve been known to drop a few f-bombs now and again. Ok, maybe  a lot. But there is one thing to pepper a conversation with a few toilet words and there is another to curse at someone. When you are sprinkling a rant post with things like “F Off” I might take that personally even though I’m not the offending party. I know you are mad and I know you are trying to generate sympathy, but you just offended this blogger and now I unfollowed you. And guess what, I’m not following you so I can’t even see the apology post.
  • Egg=Face. There is nothing like reading a rant post when the person has no idea what they are talking about. Maybe they have only heard one part of the story or have just chosen to “gloss” over certain issues. But, I don’t like SPIN. Don’t spin me a tale when I can just click on Google and find out the other side of the story and the fact that you are only backing this agenda because of your own personal reasons.
  • Meanie Weanie. You are just straight-up rude and disrespectful. You are nasty on twitter and are ugly in your blog posts. Maybe you’ve done something to me personally, like sent me a raunchy email or left a rude comment. If you’ve done this, you’ll probably expect me to unfollow you, but guess what? I’ll tell my friends and word spreads quickly.

3. Morals/Etiquette Can Be Very Personal

  • Do this, or you suck. I personally walk the line with these BB101 posts. I know morals and what people view as proper etiquette can be very personal. In some households if you do not remove your shoes before entering the house you insult the homeowner…not my house. But some. I do think that some things are self-evident though and treating others with respect is that basic golden rule. So, if you do a post on “Proper Blogging Morals” and then call the offending bloggers names, mock them and then accuse people of not following this “WAY” as out-of-line — well I will be taking a walk. Well if I don’t agree with you. *Snickering over my own hypocrisy*
  • Taking a Side. Politics make strange bedfellows and when you throw you weight in with an opposing side and openly blog about it, I might think twice about coming back. You see, I want to read about topics that align with my own taste and if I feel a blog is in discordance with my own feelings why would I want to read about it? This goes even further with genre issues, or even tastes in books. If you are constantly not liking books I really like, or blogging about genres I don’t find interesting then, really why continue to follow? There is also, nothing you can do about this. Your tastes and opinions differ from my own. I’m not asking you to change them…just don’t expect me to stick around. It is sometimes refreshing to see an opposing view point, but if I can’t understand that POV then I’ll look elsewhere.

4. Your Sidebars Look Like my Kids Bedroom

  • It is not just good page load practice to keep your sidebars clean, it also easier on the eyes.
  • I know you have information to convey, but do you really think that someone is sitting there and reading all that stuff on your sidebars? A blog that is hard to navigate will turn me off very very quickly, especially if I can’t figure out which way is up or down. I might not actually unfollow you, but I really don’t expect to actually go to your blog anymore.

What looks more inviting?

Photo By Roger Kirby

Photo By Roger Kirby


5. Originality is Not Yo Cup ‘O Tea

  • Originality is key. If I can’t tell your blog from the ten other blogs that I just visited, what sets you a part? When I go to clean up my reader you’ll be that blogger that I can’t even remember how I ended up following. If I can’t associate you with something memorable you might not make the cut.
  • Blog Bulimia. If I wanted to see the book cover and read the synopsis I would have went to Unless you have a reason for promoting the book and synopsis, like say, a cover reveal…why are you just putting the synopsis up on your blog? Basically all you are doing is chewing up what the publishers are feeding you and vomiting it all over my reader. I could care less that you think the cover is “Super Cool” at least make it interesting and disguise it as a cover battle or something.
  • AwesometasticwowzersSQUEE! Five stars. Five stars. Five stars. Every book I read I just love! I just know that I’m going to love a book by looking at the cover! It’s so awesome. I can’t say a bad word about any book I review. If I don’t like it, I don’t review it. Well I don’t follow you. Sorry. How can I trust your reviews if you aren’t honest? Censoring your reviews shows me something right there — you censor.
  • Memes. Memes. Memes. Hey hun…you might want to get some original content.
  • Giveaways. Giveaways. Giveaways. I’m scrolling through your blog and every single post is a giveaway!? Well that is fine and dandy if I were a giveaway junkee, but personally I want to read about books and maybe enter a giveaway every now and again. MODERATION is key.

6. Stop Tagging Me

  • @ — Why did you just @ me with your post on twitter?
  • Tag – Why did you just tag me on facebook with your post?
  • Comment – Why did you leave your link in a comment?
  • If the answer is that you are sharing relevant info, then yes, thank you. I wanted to know more about this. But if it is just to entice me to maybe click the link and read your stuff. That is spam and if I was following you before, I won’t be anymore. Ever been to Bourbon Street? They have these guys that sit out in front of Strip Clubs and Bars with the drink specials on boards and try to pull people in off the street. Barkers. They are annoying. In the online world that is considered Spam. They are annoying too.

The majority of bloggers are on the up and up and try to generate original content that is their own words, their own beliefs. They might have a few advertisers but they don’t push their money making links on you. Every now and again they might succumb to some of the above traits, but again, moderation is the key. I personally try to stop and think before I post anything — do I think people will enjoy this? Or am I just posting this to:

  1. Get in good with the publisher/author/PR person
  2. Make money on my affiliate links
  3. I don’t have anything else to post and this is good filler

You know your motives.

Happy Thursday my Darlings! Read More…Talk Less…Blog with Sincerity


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