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Simon P Green
Live and Let Drood: A Secret Histories Novel

Publisher: Roc Hardcover |  Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Author: Simon R. Green
The name is Bond, Shaman Bond. Better known as Drood, Eddie Drood Yes, I’m one of those Droods—the family who’ve been keeping the forces of evil contained in the shadows for as long as humans have walked the earth.
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Messenger Angel
Messenger’s Angel: A Novel of the Lost Angels

Publisher: Signet |  Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Heather Killough-Walden
As the former Messenger Archangel, Gabriel has had lifetimes to search for the one woman intended for him. So he’s surprised to discover Juliette Anderson in the dark corner of his favorite pub in Scotland, the land he’s called home for two thousand years-and the last place he expected to find her. The connection between them is strong, hot and instantaneous.Juliette is in the town to gather research for her doctoral thesis. She doesn’t need a tall, gorgeous man with silver eyes to distract her. Especially after he kisses her and calls her his archess. She figures he’s crazy. Until she find herself pursued by dangerous men, led by a fallen archangel with vampiric tendencies.Now Juliette must turn to Gabriel for help-and unravel the truth behind her existence.
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Publisher: Simon Pulse |  Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Author: Kristi Cook
McKenna is back for her senior year at Winterhaven and thrilled to be with Aidan after a long summer apart. But while their love for each other is as strong as ever, their troubles are far from over.
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Mother of StormsMother of Storms

Publisher: Tor Books |  Genre: Fantasy
Author: John Barnes
It is 2028. A strike to destroy an illegal Arctic weapons cache has a catastrophic side effect. Massive amounts of energy are liberated from the polar ice, suddenly and radically warming the Earth’s climate.
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Pandora Gets Greedy
Pandora Gets Greedy

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens  |  Genre: General Fiction
Author: Carolyn Hennesy
Pandora is off to Rome in search of Greed. With a little magical help, Pandy and her friends pose as servants for a Roman senator. But the hard work leaves little time to search for evils—not to mention dealing with the senator’s bratty daughter. When a feud breaks out between the senator and Julius Caesar, Pandy finally gets the courage she needs to search for Greed. But…
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