Midnight Ellen Connor

PJV Quickie: ‘Midnight’ by Ellen Connor could actually be a stand-alone, but you really don’t want to skip the first book.

Title: Midnight
Author: Ellen Connor
Series: Dark Age Dawning Book 2
ISBN: 1101543787
Publication: Published September 6th 2011 by Berkley Sensation
Purchased via Amazon
Links: Author Web >> Purchase Book >> Goodreads
Rating: 5 out of 5

Taken from the PJV ‘Nightfall‘ review — still applies: Written by the powerhouse author team Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty, Ellen Connor is the combination of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, two of the most powerful women of science fiction. Lofty and Aguirre strove to embody these strong women in their Dark Age Dawning novels and … They Achieved It


The second Dark Age Dawning Novel ‘Midnight’ is a great follow-up to the first novel. You could actually read this novel as a stand-along but I highly recommend reading the first, just because it rocks.

Midnight’ is Dr. Chris Welsh’s story. After the events of ‘Nightfall’ where the world suddenly came crashing down around him, Chris is a broken man. He ran away from his fellow survivors and for the last three years, he  has been wandering, trying to escape his own pain.  Humanity is a hard thing to come by and most are just trying to survive, doing anything they can to keep things together.

Chris believes that he’ll continue forever like this, just skimming the surface of life, that is until he comes upon a settlement called Valle de Bravo and its leader, Rosa Cortez.

Dios mio

Sexy, a little bit of crazy, and a lot of intensity, ‘Midnight’ was a fabulous read with deliciously broken characters that came together to make one compelling novel.  This series is a must read…one you just can’t pass up. I really didn’t like Chris in the first novel, but he came alive in ‘Midnight’ and I instantly fell in love. But, there is no denying Rosa and her larger-than-life personality.  The two of them together became one of the best paranormal romance teams that I’ve read in a really long time.

This is not your swooning, paranormal romance with a domineering alpha man that calls his girl pet names like “little one.” This is the type of PNR that rocks my socks. The one where two Alphas collide, both male and female and the woman comes out on top, instead of deferring to the male. Huzzah.


Recommended for fans of apocalypse fiction and paranormal romance. There are some very steamy scenes, so adults only.

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