PJV QUICKIE: Cowboy Crazy is a solid cowboy romance with a believable plot.

Title: Cowboy Crazy
Author: Joanne Kennedy
ISBN: 1402265492
Publication: June 1, 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source:  Publisher
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Lane Carrigan might have been born rich, but he’s happiest when he’s bucking around on the back of a bull.  As half owner of Carrigan Oil with his brother, Eric, Lane lets Eric handle the business end of things; he just wants to ride rodeos and run the family ranch.  When a reporter catches him and asks about the company’s plan to drill on the ranch, he’s blindsided and upset.  Lane wants to protect the town from “Big Oil” and maintain the small-town charm, even if it means going head-to-head with his brother.

Sarah Landon is a Public Relations specialist for Carrigan Oil.  Her boss, Eric, thinks she’s a city girl who went to a fancy college and has lived a life of privilege.  The reality is that she grew up a few miles from where she is now, in a tiny town called Two Shot; dirt poor, she got a scholarship and worked hard to become a success and shake the Two Shot dust off her shoes – not boots, shoes – and she hasn’t looked back since she left.  Suddenly, Sarah’s job depends on procuring the goodwill of the residents of Two Shot to drill the area around the dying town, where residents have lived for generations and change comes slowly.  

Even as Sarah and Lane butt heads over the fate of the ranch, neither can deny the scorching sexual tension between them.


There were a couple of things I liked about Cowboy Crazy:  The drilling issue is a very polarizing subject in our national dialogue, and I thought Ms. Kennedy did a good job of presenting both sides of the argument; the possibilities for misunderstandings provided plenty of conflict for these two.  I also liked the transposition of Lane trying to shrug off his rich background  and Sarah trying to hide her poor background.  Each idolized what the other knew the harsh realities of.  Sarah’s memories of the death of her stepfather by a horse also played out well, providing a sweet tie-in to the main story.  The romantic scenes were sexy and plentiful; I actually found myself skimming the sexy bits.

I liked both brothers; Lane was a sexy, dirty bad boy and Eric was 100% suit.  One thing that bugged me about Eric is that he was all business and then suddenly he’s all about luuurve… both his own love life and his brother’s (matchmaking him with Sarah), which I found a bit unbelievable.  I also didn’t like Sarah’s roommate Grace; I could find nothing redeeming about her.

All in all, though, an entertaining read that left me wanting to vacation in a small Western town, hop on a horse and ride the open country (with my own sexy cowboy of course *winks*).


Fans of Western/Cowboy Romance will enjoy Sarah and Lane’s steamy romance from start to finish!

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