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Ten Tips to Market Your Blog

1. Make A Plan
Create your image and make sure that your blog reflects that image. Have a name that goes from Blog to Social Media to Email and back again. Everything should be cohesive and recognizable. Make sure that it is an original name. Make sure that people will remember you. Because guess what? If you are the 100th Book Blogger Susie that passes by, a reader won’t be able to tell you apart from the other 99. You should have your blog ready to market before you start marketing.

2. Directories
Posting your link in blog directories, specifically for book bloggers and for blogs in general. There are a lot of directories out there, including the big baddies like

3. Forums
I started out on Book Bloggers Forum on Ning. It is where I got my first followers and signed up for my first giveaways that got attention directed to my blog. There are plenty of forums that are book related. Publishers now have their own forums and so do authors. It is a great way to market your blog.

3. Community Buzz
This is the OLDEST form of marketing, taken from the likes of that Mom & Pop hardware store on the corner. They spread their awesomeness by Word of Mouth. I’ve marketed clients that have only survived by Word of Mouth and referrals. If you are good, you are good and others will sing your praises. Start that buzz by telling people about your blog. Tell them at school, tell your friends, your family. It has to start somewhere. One of my first followers was my mother.

4. Networking
The wonderful thing about a blogging community is that word COMMUNITY. Other bloggers read blogs. Now, granted you do get just straight up readers, but starting out, other bloggers get the Buzz going about your blog. Do some research, Google other book blogs and find ones that are similar to yours and comment. Follow them on twitter. Don’t stalk, but say hello. BUT DO NOT EXPECT a follow back. If you see a blog post that you’ve written a similar post about — then leave the link. But, otherwise, just comment and say hi, it is really like forming friendships, slow and steady does win the race. You wouldn’t run up to a person and yell, “Please be my friend???” So, don’t do it on a blog, break the ice, just don’t be pushy.

5. Go Viral
The EPITOME of modern marketing is the Viral campaign. Old Spice is still rolling in their viralness. The cologne still smells like holy hell, but how many people are using it just because of those commercials? Or Pistachios? I hadn’t eaten a pistachio in forever — but all of sudden those crazy commercials and there is a bag of pistachios in my cabinet. Viral is hard to achieve though it takes the right idea at the right moment. You have to be clever, original and funny. Funny works best! Think up a funny video that will go with your blog. Or a funny article that is hip and clever and awesome. Sounds hard right? It is. Good luck, but it you get the right article/video at the right moment, you’ll have pageviews galore.

6. Giveaways
You don’t have to wait for someone to sponsor one, you can sponsor it yourself. But, you have to promote it. The fun thing is, many blogs have giveaway link-ups, Google those — and maybe time your giveaway for when a Major Blogger does a link-up and offer something fantabulous…it will come pouring in. Or, join a giveaway Hop. I gained 200 followers in one day from a giveaway hop when they were a “new” idea. It was at a point I had about 300 or so followers. It was epic. Research a good one and jump on board.

7. Follow-Back Memes
Join a follower hop — hey guess what is tonight? A follower hop! Yup. Join up and visit blogs. This is when it is cool to go to blogs that leave their links and say “Hey, new follower, follow back please.” Not pushy, because, guess what? Everyone is doing it at that moment.

8. Commenting
Comment comment comment. Then when someone comments on your blog, comment back. Conversation and dialogue is key. Don’t leave crazy links though – most blog commenting systems allow your name to be a link — that is all you need. If you have a relative link, go ahead and leave it, but otherwise you might want to refrain from crazy link up. Especially when you leave the whole URL. A polite way to leave a link is to maybe use an href HTML link. Maybe link your name. I used to do this a little XOXO – PJ with the PJ linked back to

9. Social Networks
Get on twitter, get on Facebook and make them work! Follow people, converse and start a network. Twitter is so easy, because you can follow others and respond to what they say — insta-buddy. But, do your research, don’t just get on twitter to pump out links, giveaways things like that. The best tweeters are ones that don’t just pump out links. They are actually conversing with people.

10. Key Words
What do you think people would search to get to your blog? Some examples: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult Contemporary Romance, things like that right? Well propagate them into your reviews. For each review target ONE keyword. What are you reading? Is it ‘The Hunger Games’? It might not do to target ‘The Hunger Games’ as a keyword, since that one is probably saturated (a lot bigger sites will beat you), maybe target Young Adult Dystopian, or Best Books of All Time, or opposing Battle Royale Rip-Off. It’s your choice, but once you pick that key word, use it at least twice to five times in your review. It can get hard, but can be done well and clever. Just think about it before you post.

Happy Thursday my Darlings! Read More…Talk Less…Blog with Sincerity


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