PJV QUICKIE: A classic, sigh-worthy story no Romance reader should miss.

Title: The Wedding (Laird’s Fiancees #2)
Author: Julie Garwood
ISBN: 0743467213
Publication: April 1, 1997 by Pocket Star
Source:  Personal Copy (slightly battered from much use)
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Lady Brenna is travelling from her home in England to marry the laird McNair.  Her father arranged this marriage, and although she’s never met this laird, she won’t disobey her father.  As she travels through the highlands, her party is overcome by Scottish savages, who quickly subdue her soldiers and steal her.   Brenna doesn’t realize she’s already met one of the savages…when she was a child she asked him to marry her.

Connor MacAlister is laird of his clan and has spent his life trying to find proof that his bitter enemy laird McNair killed Connor’s father.  Stealing McNair’s bride is Connor’s last insult before their feuding comes to an end as decreed by the ranking laird.  Connor is pleased the young girl covered in mud and hiding a pig has grown into such a beautiful woman, as he plans to keep her, even though he made a pledge to his dying father to never fall in love.


I needed a “comfort read” and decided to re-read The Wedding for the umpteenth time. Something about Ms. Garwood’s writing immediately pulls me from my day-to-day worries and into the highlands of 12th century Scotland.  I’ve only been reading romance for a few years, but The Wedding is what I imagine ‘old school’ romance novels are like.

This second book in the Laird’s Fiancees series is such a great story!  (Sadly, there are only two books at this point.)  I love Connor – smart, loyal, stubborn (and grumpy), a fierce warrior yet tender towards Brenna.  And Brenna – what a firecracker!  She’s innocent but brave, earnest, full of life and tries (and manages) to make everyone around her happy.

The romance between Brenna and Connor flows through the story as he falls in love with Brenna and fights it all the way.  Brenna charms not only Connor but his soldiers as well.  Of course, any good romance story needs conflict, and part of that comes in the form of Connor’s step-mother, Euphemia – what a horrible woman!

Julie Garwood writes characters you care about right from the start, and your heart feels their joys and fears as you read their story.  A sweet romance, funny dialogue, and a hero and heroine who both manage to make you want to laugh and groan at the same time, The Wedding has a firm place on my ‘keeper shelf’.

My only complaint is that the story ends with the perfect set-up for a story featuring Brenna’s sister, Faith, and one of Connor’s men, Quinlan.  Please, Ms. Garwood, write their story!!!


Fans of historical romance or Highlander romance.  If you haven’t tried historical romance, The Wedding (or the previous book, The Bride) is the perfect book to start with.

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