Hi everyone, thank you so much for coming to Parajunkee’s View, even if it is to just enter giveaways. No matter what, I really appreciate it. I’ll announce the ‘Stormdancer’ ARC winner and then I really hope you stick around for a story that I have to tell.

Our Winner: Amy G — you have been emailed!

Once upon a time there was a blogger named PJ who loved giving giveaways for her readers. Her readers were awesome, they commented and talked to her on twitter and made her feel like she was doing wonderful work by writing this blog. PJ’s blog existed in a wonderful community, where everyone looked out for each other and they all joined together in times of craziness to try to figure out problems.

But, like all communities, every now and again, someone took advantage of that trust. Trust that was given because most of them follow the rules. They assumed, because they follow the rules, that everyone else in the community is also following the straight and narrow path. But, just because they are a trust worthy group doesn’t mean they walk around with their eyes closed. So, when PJ got a tweet that mentioned two things “cheating” and “giveaway” it really upset her. Because most of PJs readers were following rules, doing what they were supposed to and entering the giveaway without cheating. Yet, there is always a few…and it was so easy to check.

PJ uses Rafflecopter ( highly recommended BTW) and it tracks IP addresses. She just went to her Rafflecopter widget, went to Moderate Entries and Group By: IP Address. Scrolling through them, some stuck out — because of course max entries was at about 15. Same IP but two different Facebook accounts and emails. Which is really easy to do, all you need is another email address. But, of course you can’t get another IP address. It is such a shame really, because this person might have won the giveaway if they would have entered with just one account, but because of entering twice and cheating, they were completely disqualified from the giveaway.

PJ learned a lesson that day, that she should always check that her winners entered fairly in the giveaways, because if you reward a cheater it only makes them do it more if there aren’t repercussions. And this isn’t fair to all the people that enter and enter fairly each time…

Hmm…we could probably bring this lessons to other parts of the community, like say plagiarism 😉