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Fifty Shades of Grey Chapter 15

They have sex — the end.

Ok no, sorry I’m just kidding. He buys her a car, she protests a bit and then they have sex.

Anal fisting?

Andy wants Yael really badly -- but she won't put out to him. If I remember correctly, she treated wussy boys like girls...and only consented to sleep with him if she wore a strap-on. Great show.

Getting ahead of myself though, they have some champagne discuss soft limits “NO ANAL FISTING” <— um I could have guessed that one. But, what is this, Christian reveals he’s been but plugged or butt boinked by Mrs. Robinson. Anyone watch Weeds? *snickering* with that scene in my head.

Does the submissive consent to — Eggs?? Yeah get the chicken away from the vagina. Obviously they are not real eggs. I don’t want to know and I’m not about to search Google for “sex, eggs”. Yeah, I’m scared, whatsittoya?

More talk, Does the submissive consent to this and that…I think I might have been overwhelmed at this point. I don’t like consenting to anything. Most of the talk is just her asking and him explaining, what is this, what is that. C’mon you are going to like being tied up, gagged and poked with vaginal clamps (do those poke or pinch – I’m going with pinching).

Through this whole discussion though, one thing does come out and I think it is because she is being so receptive to the whole conversation.

“Well, then. Look, earlier today you were talking about wanting more,” he halts, uncertain all of a sudden.
Oh my…where’s this going?
He clasps my hand.
“Outside of the time you’re my sub, perhaps we could try. I don’t know if it will work. I don’t know about separating everything. It may not work. But I’m willing to try. Maybe one night a week. I don’t know.”

Look at Christian all unsure.

And to sweeten the deal — he gives her a car. Then they have sex…vanilla, girl in charge sex. Here is a fun little naughty clip just for you guys…

I am fucking him. I am in charge. He’s mine, and I’m his.

Bravo! Anastasia seems to have brought the boy to heel. But, throughout this whole chapter all I’ve been thinking is…so when is he going to tie her up? Wheres the kink? I guess my inner deviant is coming out…

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