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In Her Closet, T. HarrisonIn Her Closet by T Harrison
Print Length:
360 pages
Dirtyscribbler Press; 2 edition (May 20, 2011

During the fun ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ read along that is being hosted on this blog *hint hint* what I’ve come to discover is that most readers have not read some of the more sexually creative erotica pieces. I had heard terms, like “most sexual book I’ve read” or “book porn.” And while that might have been the case for those readers, I do have to say there is much more sexually daring pieces out there. Case in point, ‘In Her Closet’ by T. Harrison.

‘In Her Closet’ chronicles the sexual exploits of the daring Yves Santiago. She is so very sexually liberated that the story opens up with the “Walk of Shame” and Yves trying to sneak out from one of her random one-night stands the next morning. Then after that we move on each night to man after man, including women dressed like men. Yves chronicles all her exploits in a fun and popular column for the local paper. I, myself found nothing wrong with the book and the sexual activities, there is nothing wrong with a sexually active woman, if she owns it, which at first Yves does. But, as you travel deeper into the book you realize just how screwed up Yves might be and as she conquers more and more men you begin to feel sorry for her instead of feeling anything romantic for these men. This ruined the whole book for me because I wanted her to be sexually outrageous with out being screwed up by some man.

While, interesting and very daring, the books underlying psychologically deranged heroine had me doubting a Happily-Ever-After and I began thinking of her more as a victim in the whole plot instead of an actual heroine. Since I’m not a big fan of dramas and I need that happy ending, ‘In Her Closet’ was not a very pleasurable read. Add that to the almost too daring sex scenes and I think I should have passed on this one.


Recommended for VERY mature audiences.  There is very strong sexual interactions along with F/F along with bondage.

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