Fifty Shades Read AlongPsst…if you are under 18, this post is not for you. I talk about dirty dirty things, with dirty dirty language. In fact you should not be reading this book, because they have a lot of sex. And you shouldn’t have sex until you’re 18 — then have all the sex you want.

Fifty Shades of Grey Chapter 13

Lucky Number 13…

Bella on the phone with her mother

Photo from 'Twilight' the movie

…starts with the mundane of Ana and her mother. It’s the copy scene of Bella on the phone with her mother when she first met Edward. The part where she wants her to spill about the boy. Ana’s mother was probably the most carbon-copy character that I found in these books. Being a smaller part I could let it slide, but I’m still trying to process what I think about this fan fiction thing. Does it irk me because of the popularity of the book? Yes, most likely. Because most of the similarities are abstract.

Enough of that though. We have more emails now…they become a big staple of the beginning part of Ana and Christian’s relationship. They are a lot more playful than the actual personal interaction between Christian and Ana. Mostly, stemming from the face that as soon as Christian and Ana get in a room together they start screwing.

The main point of it is that Christian is trying to get Ana to submit and she is insisting on doing things her way.

Cut to Ana’s work and another interested male comes out of the woodwork. This one’s name is Paul {Mike} and he is the brother {son} of the guy that owns the hardware {sporting good} store.

Work is over and then it is off to get ready for the Hawt date.

Christian has it all mapped out, from the private dinning area at the hotel to even what she will be eating. But, Ana takes this as an opportunity to ask a lot of questions that have been on her mind and she actually shows a backbone in most of the repartee.

Yummy oysters...

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One point that comes out that is a big one is that Christian’s prior subs have all been experienced subs, that did not need training, so this is another first for Christian.

A fun line, sexy, but badly construction, from the whole exchange pops up when she finds out he has ordered oysters.

“Did you choose these deliberately? Aren’t they known for their aphrodisiac qualities?” {Ana}
“No, they are the first item on the menu. I don’t need an aphrodisiac near you. I think you know that, and I think you react the same way near me,” he says simply.

The story of how he hurt a submissive also pops up into the conversation and this is what I’ve heard happens a lot in the Dom/Sub type situations. Things can get out of control easily, just because of the nature of the actions. And one of the main reasons of contention with the BDSM community about this book. The fact that he just sort of throws her into the mix without “training”. Because even though the play might be safe, it can easily lead to someone getting very hurt both physically and mentally.

I can agree with this, even though {we getting personal here} I’ve never engaged in stuff like this sexually, I have been in sensory deprivation type situations {not sexual!} and they can get very scary, very quickly. One of the reasons it’s considered torture.

You remember Mary Kay?Another thing that comes up in conversation is Ana’s thoughts on Mrs. Robinson and the fact that she traumatized/molested Christian. Of course Christian thinks that his relationship with her was purely conceptual, but Ana has very different thoughts on the matter. I stand with Ana on this one.

The rest of the interaction is very boring to go over, it is good reading, but regurgitated not so much. There is a lot of flirting and suggestions.

Ana does realize through this whole situate though that she is greatly out-classed by Christian as far as knowledge:

That’s what I’m hindered by in this game of seduction. He’s the only one who knows and understands the rules. I’m just too naive and inexperienced. My only sphere of reference is Kate, and she doesn’t take any shit from men.


The great thing about the whole thing though, is that she resists him and runs home, intent on still thinking over the whole ordeal. He does give her shit about her car though, thinking it’s a bucket. Another ‘Twilight’ parallel.

In a follow-up email he is almost upset about her quick retreat. He really wanted her to stay with him that night. But, he uses words like “proposal” “consideration” much like if he would be proposing a merger or acquisition in business. It makes Ana very upset and she ends the night in tears. It’s really rather sad and another testament, that if this was me, I would be trying to put Christian Grey in the past and not the present.

I think of all the times he warned me to stay away.
Anastasia, you should steer clear of me.
I’m not the man for you.
I don’t do the girlfriend thing.
I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of guy.
I don’t make love.
This is all I know.

And as I weep into my pillow silently, it’s this last idea I cling to. This is all I know, too. Perhaps together we can chart a new course.

And there it is. There is the HOPE for Ana. If this is all Christian knows she can change him. Make him into something else. My inner goddess snickers at that with a resounding “yeah right.”

And that concludes Chapter 13 of Fifty Shades of Grey.


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