‘The Darkest Night’ is the first book in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. The LOTU series is listed by most as one of the best paranormal romance series out there. I’ve read books later on in the series out of order and made it my mission to go back and finish the series from start to finish. That was my mission…

Lords of the UnderworldPJV Quickie: This little paranormal romance reader is not faring well by reading the classics.

Title: The Darkest Night
Series: Lords of the Underworld #1
Author: Gena Showalter
ISBN: 0373772467
Publication: Published 2008 by HQN
Purchased via audible.com
Links: Author Web >> Purchase Book >> Goodreads
Rating: 2.5 out of 5


My experiment is over. I think I shall just stick to current reads, because going back and hitting all the first in the series is not working well for me. I know I’m going to have to duck for this one, but Gena Showalter’s first Lords of the Underworld book, ‘The Darkest Night’ just left me confused and in need of a shower.

The hero, the overbearing, Maddox, is our first Lord and a bit on the tragic side. Left to die every night by being stabbed by his buddies, he goes to Hell each night and then rises in the morning to start again. His curse, placed on him by the gods, because he killed Pandora. The heroine, the also somewhat tragic Ashlyn has a curse of her own, she can hear everything that people have said in one spot at any given time. With the masses of people, you can see where that gets a bit on the insanity inducing side.

Marvelous plot set-up and world creation, fabulous writing as only Showalter can do, but the characters were horrendous. All of these boys were just straight up beasts, beating and breaking and screwing and then rather ignorant, expect the Plague guy, he seemed to have a bit of smarts. They would just barrel through scenes, ripping a part things as they went. No wonder they had a league of crazies trying to kill them. Even though I didn’t get the point of that either, since if they killed these men their demons would get out and wreak havoc on the world. Did they not get that memo?

Then there was Ashlynn, who was like this little child, she spent the majority of the book either clinging to Maddox or vomiting. Really, two-thirds of the book she is in his room, waiting for Tylenol to cure her poisoning (yup) and clinging to him when he is there — until finally something happens and she shifts into this strong character and the book goes to it’s sudden climax. Literally and figuratively.

Look, this book is loved by most that read it, so obviously I’m in the minority on this, but there is so much better more well-rounded characters out there. This is what I consider the old-school take on PNR. That Alpha man that is six-foot ten, huge everything, busting skulls, but still making-love like a gentle giant, who meets the delicate flower, virginal heroine, who at first cowers at her big supernatural mate — but then succumbs to his straight-up sex-appeal and forgives him for murdering the whole village where she grew up. Sorry, I’m ranting, but stuff like this isn’t for me. I’m more of an Alpha meets Alpha and they beat each other senseless until they end up having sex sort of PNR fan. Bring that on, any suggestions folks?



Recommended for fans of paranormal romance and Showalter’s writing. There are some very steamy scenes, along with violence and language so adults only.

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