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Welcome to Parajunkee’s View Jessica, can you please tell our readers a little bit about your book ‘Passion Awakened’?

Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for having me at Parajunkee’s! I’m thrilled to be able to share a little about myself and my recent release, Passion Awakened.
Passion Awakened is an erotic contemporary romance with time travel elements. It tells the story of a romance writer who is on a solo retreat at her family’s vacation cabin in the mountains of NC. She’s there to complete her book but finds herself suddenly in a hostage situation. Things quickly go from scary to strange when the sexy man who saves her life tells her he’s from the future, his ride home has just been stolen, and his own supply of the drug he enforces gone with it.

Passion Awakened‘Passion Awakened’ looks very sexy, can you tell us a little bit about the main man in the series and what makes him swoon worthy?

Sigh…Oh Yes. lol Creed Donovan, Sustain drug enforcer for the Federation of Americas is from the 27th century. Six-foot-two, black hair, blue eyes, and all alpha male. He’s the FOA’s top enforcer. A man who lives by the code he’s been sworn to protect. A very black and white kind of guy. In Passion Awakened, he’s tossed into a situation that has him questioning everything he has believed in—that a world bound to the hormonal suppressant drug, Sustain may not be a better place. Creed feels he’s complete without a family, romance, or intimacy in his life. Having been born and raised in a virtually sterile environment, never feeling the heat of passion, he doesn’t know any other way.

That is, until he meets Shayla…

Have you used any famous people for inspiration in regards to your character?

Good question, but in this particular title, I would have to say no one in particular this time. In others, I do believe in one book I channeled Vin Diesel’s voice and persona in my head. LOL I didn’t realize it until my critique partner made the comment that one of my character’s dialogue reminded her of a Riddick moment.

What do you think is an integral part to a good romance?

For me, that would be bringing two characters together who desperately need each other but are at the same time worthy of one another. Opposites, so they have a greater battle coming together, but perfectly matched inside their hearts, equally strong where it counts. For example, Linda Howard’s Son of the Morning brings together two characters, who for me, are the epitome of a pairing very worthy of each other.

What do YOU thinks makes a man sexy as hell?

An alpha male with a tortured soul that needs healing. A man who can defeat the most evil villain, but with the heroine, he shows a side that no one sees, and is the most tender, attentive lover.

Where do you get your inspiration for your characters?

From a multitude of places and experiences, I believe—friends, movies, TV, etc.

What are some of your favorite authors?

Oh my, so many… Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, Lora Leigh, Linda Howard, Naima Simone

What would you like your readers to understand about your novels? Is there something that you would like to them to feel, or experience with your book?

I hope they come away feeling like they’ve experienced an escape from reality. An adventure where for just a little while they’ve been able to shed the stresses of the day and lived vicariously through one of my characters. And of course, when they’ve reached the end, they leave with a smile.

You can find more about Jessica at her Website, her Facebook page or follower her on Twitter.

Passion AwakenedPassion Awakened by Jessica Lee

In the far future, humans are forced to take government-issued drugs to control their sexual urges. Creed Donovan, drug enforcer for the Federation of Americas, is on the trail of a fugitive. The chase through time has landed him in the year 2012, six hundred years into the past and in the mountains of North Carolina.

Shayla Murphy is on hiatus, working on her latest novel when her peaceful retreat turns into a hostage scene straight out of a sci-fi flick—one complete with a knife at her throat and men zapping into thin air. But when the sexy man who saves her needs a little rescue of his own, Shayla can’t kick him out. Especially after he reveals he’s from the future, his ride home stolen, and his own supply of Sustain, the drug he enforces, gone with it.

Without Sustain, Creed’s suppressed lust will soon awaken, and he’s never experienced his libido untethered. Trapped with a beautiful new roommate and on the verge of detox, he struggles to suppress the raging desire in his blood. Only God can help him survive with his mind and heart intact.


Passion Awakened Excerpt

She finally dragged her gaze back to the information floating in the field of light. “Sustain?” Shayla tilted her head in Creed’s direction.

“Yes.” He nodded. “Read on.”

“A hormone-based drug developed in the year 2515 for the purpose of suppression of the human libido and resulting pleasure receptors.” She glanced up from under her lashes at the man on the sofa. He sat quietly, watching her as she consumed the info and its implications. “After multiple study trials, the government found that use of the medication decreased the individual’s tendency for criminal behavior, and with the urge for sexual activity repressed, the spread of disease within the population had a noticeable decrease. For the past century, the Federation of Americas has legally mandated that every citizen of its territories be implanted with the Sustain infusion system.” This couldn’t be for real. She swallowed hard at the lump forming in the back of her throat. Nausea bloomed in her gut, swelling with each sentence that unfolded in her mind.

“Typically the system is inserted into the upper arm of the individual with an injection port readily accessible for biweekly or monthly refills.” The image below the text resembled the very thing she’d seen in Creed’s arm. Oh my God. Is that what…? No… Without conscious thought, her head shook in denial. She jerked her gaze from the display. “Are you saying this is what was destroyed in your arm?”


“You’re really…” She just couldn’t form the words. They felt too ridiculous on her tongue.
“From the twenty-seventh century.”

“And this drug makes it where no one wants to…” Her palm went to her mouth, covering her lips. When had she suddenly lost the ability to finish her sentences?

“Participate in sexual activity,” he said without a flinch, as if he were talking about the desire to or not to consume steak.

Wow. She‘d been struck back to monosyllables. Her head spun on the concept of what the future held. A world without intimacy.

“Umm…” It seemed so rude, but it would kill her if she didn’t ask. “So does this mean that you have never—”

“No.” He reached out, grabbed the display from her hand, and stowed it back inside his backpack. “I’ve never had sex if that’s what you were about to ask.” His head swung back in her direction. “My job is to enforce the law of the Federation, not break the very code I’m sworn to uphold.”

“Oh. I see.” God, it blew her mind that a whole society was celibate. And that Creed Donovan, the tough alpha male who would easily be the inspiration for one of her most erotic novel creations was a virgin. Her nipples went rock hard. Damn. Why did she find that tidbit of information one of the most provocative things she’d ever heard? Heat crept up her throat and into her cheeks. She needed a distraction. Fast.

“So there’s no kind of special equipment in that bag of yours that would help you to repair your implant?” Shayla indicated the pack beside him with a wave of her hand.

“No. And even if I could, I’m out of reserves.” A guttural sound emanated from the back of his throat. One that said he was one pissed off Double T, short for time traveler. Hey, why not? She’d already deemed herself a nutcase for believing this. “A damn rookie mistake,” he went on to say. “I’d been chasing Thomas for two weeks, and I’d finally zeroed in on him. I knew I’d be heading back yesterday with the rebel in custody, so I didn’t want to lose my lead by warping back for more Sustain supplies.” He shook his head and mumbled another curse under his breath. “Not a smart move.”

“You referred to the other man, Thomas, as a rebel. What kind of rebel?”

“A Sustain rebel. He and a woman we’d already retrieved by the time I located Thomas here, had removed their implants and fled. That type of rebellion isn’t tolerated. It would set our civilization back more than a century in progress, not to mention the damage that can be done by warping through timelines unchecked.”

“And your job is to ‘retrieve’ these rebels.”

He nodded. “Yes. An enforcer.”

Shayla slowly nodded. “I take it then that when Thomas did this to you, the chosen site for the stabbing was no accident?”

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” he nearly growled, teeth bared. “He also took my time piece. Wanted me trapped here, detoxing in the twenty-first century so I can ‘appreciate’ what I’m forcing our people to live without.” He pushed from the sofa cushions, marched over to the bar, and with his back to her, spread his hands wide on the surface.

“So the fever, dizziness, and when you passed out really isn’t related to any kind of infection from the stabbing, is it?”

“I’m in withdrawal.”

Shayla’s gut tightened. “How bad is it going to get? I mean, how long before help arrives?”
“A week. Maybe two.”

Her breath hitched. If he had already experienced withdrawal symptoms… She didn’t own a medical degree, but that didn’t sound good. “What does that mean for you and what your body will go through without Sustain while you wait?”

His words barely reached above a whisper, but she heard him nevertheless, and the answer lifted the hairs on her body.

“God only knows.”

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