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PJV Quickie: At the onset I was drawn into the emotional trauma that Miranda was going through, but as the book got deeper into the myth and the mystery it sort of lost my interest.

Title: Wrecked
Author: Anna Davies
ISBN: 1442432780
Publication: May 1st 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Received ARC from Simon & Schuster
Links: Web » Purchase Book » Goodreads
Rating: 3 out of 5


We are immediately introduced to Miranda and the world of Whym Island in ‘Wrecked’ by Anna Davies. Miranda is an unusual character. She is one part popular girl and the other part outcast. It’s an odd balance and something I haven’t seen portrayed that much in young adult fiction. Yet, as the book progresses, Miranda is involved in an accident that kills her best friend and lands her boyfriend in a coma. She is turned into an instant pariah since she is the only one that makes it to shore. What everyone doesn’t know is that she was saved, saved by a boy that she believes might have been a dream.

The emotional trauma of what has happened consumes the beginning of the book. Not only does Miranda loose her best friend, but her boyfriend is most likely to be gone soon once his family pulls him off of life support. Along with the grief she is facing with the loss of her friends, everyone on the island, including her friends parents, blame her for the deaths. It was her boat, it was her fault. In the small island community of Whym Miranda becomes one of the most hated people. Reading about how Miranda deals with her new status of evil incarnate and her grief is what I really enjoyed most about this book. Miranda was a fabulous character and I loved being in her head.

What drew me away were all the side elements. The myths and paranormal elements just seemed to stick out and I wanted to get back to poor Miranda. Good book, I just believe that instead of pulling me away from the trauma that was Miranda’s life and focusing on the “Below” aspect was a mistake.

I can usually always tell from my reading patterns even if my brain hasn’t registered something is wrong. For the first half of this book I couldn’t be taken away from it…and I would have five starred it right there. But, once I got to the introduction of the new love interest my reading started to flag. Still a good book, and one I recommend reading. Davies created a very unique inner dialogue and I might try to go back and reread this one to see if I get more out of it later.


Recommend for a more mature teen audience because of the mature themes of death and romance. Fans of paranormal romance and fairy-tale retellings should enjoy.

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