Book Blogging 101I’ve unfortunately come to a realization this past week…there are people out there that think it is their right to email other bloggers to tell them how they “SHOULD” act/blog/tweet/participate…say what? Exactly.

You’ve heard the term Fashion Police right? (Not The Show — the term!) You probably think it’s funny, have used it in a sentence… “someone needs to call the Fashion Police on her.” But, would you, as a person, take the responsibility of it?

Fashion Police, Blogger Police

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Would you walk up to this girl and tell her, “Your attire is not the proper way to dress for a prom”? That she looks mental…No? But someone would sure post it on their blog and mock her that way. Because they wouldn’t have to see the girls face in reaction. They technically wouldn’t have to take responsibility for their actions. They remain behind the computer screen, unaffected. While this girl, whom finds herself the butt of the joke opens her email or web page and has their day/week/year ruined by one mean blogger.

I’m sure you are probably thinking what does this have to do with Book Blogging?

Because…I’ve gotten some emails lately that lead me to believe that there might be a secret [somewhat secret] organization that believes themselves to be the… dun dun dunnnn


People who consider themselves the regulators of the book blogging world. The enforcers of etiquette. The ones who email you if they don’t think your review format is up to par. They email you if they think you’re participating in a meme incorrectly, or if they believe you to be running your blog incorrectly.

I am not making this stuff up, I wish I was. I’ve heard stories in comments, from twitter and emails, people claiming they were emailed regarding what I cited earlier.

Could you imagine someone emailing you about the format of your review?

Or a nasty email that said you were participating in a meme incorrectly?

Or, as I have personally been emailed — that I have cluttered up their blog feed with all my crappy hop craze that I perpetuate and would I “Stop the trash as soon as possible.”

My initial response to something of this nature is “Who the {insert expletive} are you?”

Yet, this is where the line in the sand comes into play…

I have emailed someone about their blog content or an action they have taken. So, in essence does that make me a wannabe blog police lady?

All of these instances directly affected me, my content, or I was personally asked by the person affected to step in. Is this wrong though? Did I step over the line.

I don’t think so. I justify my reason by their actions directly affecting me, such as:


  1. Inappropriate actions by a blogger/associate blogger/member blogger of a blog I run/own
  2. Inappropriate actions by a blogger that is associated with my blog, affiliate, advertisers
  3. Theft of content, ideas or names (mine or someone that has asked me to intervene in their behalf)
  4. Use of my blog name in associate with something I have not agreed to
  5. Inappropriate resale of books that have been given by me, or through an agent/author at my request
  6. The list can go on and on…but do you get the gist?

This is really the only time I can justify sending a negative email to another blogger regarding their content or stance on a matter. I keep repeating this, but only it affects you — and I don’t mean affects you by insulting your delicate sensibilities — affects you as a blogger.

Even if you see that someone is blatantly copying a meme, plagiarizing or taking someone’s blog name — your first response should be to email the affected party and it is their duty to take action. It is not your duty to police the book blogger world, especially with petty grievances like the format of someone’s review.

Again, what gives you the right?

Am I just as bad as these people that sent blogger police emails?  With my etiquette posts and ways of doing things in these BB101s? Seeing these discussions did make me ponder these posts a little bit more.

What gives me the right?

Technical support or “how to” posts are one thing, but moral dictation?

I just know that I try to think positively and I try to approach blogging in a positive professional manner and sending negative emails isn’t exactly professional or a way to send good karma out into the universe.

Before you hit that send button, it might be wise to think…

  • Why am I sending this?
  • Does this person’s actions directly affect me?
  • Am I sending this email because I’m angry, or because this affects my blog?
  • If it involves another blogger: has that blogger asked me to step in on their behalf?
  • Does the blogger affected know that you are sending this email?
  • If it involves a feature or meme: are you the blogger that hosts this meme?
XO – Happy Thursday, Talk Less, Read More.

I can’t get to all the questions, but please ask your BB101 Questions here…bring it on.