I had sworn I was going to stay out of this ruckus, but in light of a post I read on The Book Lantern  I did make a comment and I think I need to share that with you, in this forum. This is regarding the accusation that Kristi Diehm, a.k.a. The Story Siren plagiarized fashion blogs as stated in this post. Having been plagiarized myself, I feel strongly on the issue.

We are turning against each other and I think that is wrong. It is human nature to pick sides and sometimes it results in unfortunate consequences. This community has made me feel welcome from the beginning. We help each other, we are friends with each other, when we meet in real life we embrace as if we were friends for a very long time. Don’t turn against each other, make an informed decision and base your actions on your decision and then be done with it.

I know where my decision lies and the actions that I will take because of this decision. I will not judge others that stand behind their chosen victim, I will respect their opinion and do what I feel is the right thing.

Here is my comment from TBLs post:

There is one thing about controversy — it brings out the passion in all of us.  I’ve been plagiarized. My reviews just copy and pasted within another book bloggers blog and passed off as their own. I’ve had ideas stolen and even my blog name ripped off — yes, when it comes to abstract ideas the person behind it can always claim ignorance. “I had no idea there was a Parajunkee’s View out there when I picked my name Parajunkie’s View”  — whatever right? (It made me feel absolutely horrible! Deep down inside its like having a little part of yourself taken, because I know I’ve worked my ass off for that and this person just thinks they have the right to pass it off as their own!) But, it could happen, and with the lack of “new ideas” out there it does happen. Which is why some are defending her. They are quick to jump on her team and not look at all the evidence behind it. It’s hard to see someone you look up to and respect take a fall. And it’s easy to claim the opposing team is the “bad guys” when you have nothing solid to defend yourself with. This is why in an argument when the opposing side starts to throw insults, you know they’ve run out of a defense…

I would just urge people before they take a side to look at all the evidence and make an informed decision. Just like voting — you wouldn’t just vote for the most popular candidate would you?? Don’t call people names, or throw out words like lynching — that has hate written all over it and you don’t want hate to be involved. Plagiarism brings out strong reactions in bloggers because we all get by on our WORDS that is what sells us, that is what defines us and to have one of our own faking her WORDS, passing off someone’s hard work as her own, well that just speaks of duplicity and laziness. Her intentions are made apparent, she cares not on what her readers think of her, but only of the publishers and authors that grace her with free books and advertising money.

I think the apology speaks volumes, in my estimation, but of course it is just my humble opinion. If I were falsely accused of plagiarism I would not have removed my posts.

I would have defended myself to the nth degree.

I would have not written some half-cocked apology that was half apology and half denial. Then come back later and claim that it was just fired off quickly with little thought behind it.

If the allegations were not true you stand up and you say they are not true — here are the original posts — you decide for yourself.

But that is me and I would hope that I am not a coward.

And I think that is what Kristi’s followers have to do with-out her assistance. They have to decide for themselves. Do you believe she did it? If so, will you still support her blog? Will you still read her posts, enter her giveaways? By supporting her as a reader, you are supporting her actions. Her advertisements make her money, they are directly proportionate to her page views. I think this is the best way to handle this situation, stop bickering amongst ourselves, calling each other bitches…because we’ve lost focus on the real issue. Turn your faces to the victims, whether you consider it to be Vahni, Fajr and Jamillah or Kristi – you support the victims and you snub the offender.

Stop Blog Plagiarism

This is what I plan to do...

You snub the offender by not letting them be heard, you don’t read their blogs, you don’t enter their contests, you don’t follow them on twitter and you do not participate in their memes. You definitely do not click on their advertising or support their advertising or affiliate links. Without a platform that blogger goes from a media outlet, to a personal blogger.

Stand up for what you believe in people!

And that is my two cents.