LOL, no, it’s not April Fool’s Day and Rachel isn’t playing tricks on you – it’s me, Patti, from Caught in a FAB Romance.  *waves* Well, I used to be there, but… I’ve come over to the Dark Side *evil laugh*   I’m sneaking over while Rachel is at the RT Convention (who me, jealous?) to tell you about a new a weekly feature I’m pretty excited about here at Parajunkee’s View called “Romancing the Weekends” – that’s right kids, I’m going to be reviewing straight-up Romance books – Contemporary, YA, and some Historical.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a married mother of three with a sooper-sekrit day job.  I love to read whenever I get the chance; at any given time if you peek inside my purse you’ll find my kindle and at least two print books.  I’m still kind of a newbie to the romance genre though – the first romance novel I ever picked up was…wait for it…Twilight!  Obviously, I loved it, and started reading more paranormal romance.  Eventually I fell under the lure of non-paranormal romance… and I was hooked!!!  I especially love reading a good Alpha Male – I have a list of fictional boyfriends and am always looking to add new heroes to my list…


Let me introduce you to some of my favorite Romance reads:
Rachel Gibson’s Chinook Hockey books – anyone who knows me knows how much I LURVE the hockey romance books 🙂
Deirdre Martin’s Blades Hockey books – oh so good!!!
Kristan HigginsJust One of the Guys is one of my all-time favorite contemporaries.
Victoria Dahl has two contemporary series that are both very good.
Shannon Stacey’s Kowalski series was a surprise favorite of mine last year.
Julie James – I love her lawyerly contemporaries!
Molly Harper – And One Last Thing… I unashamedly stalk this author.  Her paranormal series are great, but I especially loved this sweet and funny contemporary romance.
Alice Clayton’s Redhead Series – so freakin’ funny.  And sexy.  And funny.
Gwyn Cready’s A Novel Seduction and Seducing Mr. Darcy are two of my favorite contemps – so much fun.

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series –  *swoons* This historical series has a place of honor on my “keeper” shelf.  They’re huge books but oh so good.
The Bride by Julie Garwood – shopping with my daughter, she pulled this one off the shelf and asked me to read it.  In a moment of weakness, I said “okay” and bought it.  I should let her pick all my books.
Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase was one of my first historicals and it’s wonderful.

Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry series is fabulous; kind of a modern West Side Story.  Without the dancing.
Stephanie Perkins– such a great writer – her books pull me in and remind me what it’s like to be a teen.  And her heroes are so sweet. *sighs*
And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a new-to-me YA author – Cath Crowley. I am telling you – do not open her books unless you have plenty of time to read, because you’re not going to want to go anywhere once you get started, and you’re going to be thinking about them long after you’ve finished.

(This is how I like my romance books to end; I’m a sucker for a Happily Ever After)

So, that’s a little about me and a few of my favorite romance reads.  Feel free to say hi in the comments – it’s lovely to meet you all.  You can also find me on Twitter (@lovesfabromance )  I hope you’ll come back and Romance the Weekends with me!