My quick thoughts on The Hunger Games, the movie.

I’m not going to go into great detail, there are many great bloggers that saw early premieres that took care of that. (Great examples here and here) I’m just going to discuss my thoughts.

My first thought after the movie ended and credits rolled. It was the best movie from a book that I’ve ever seen. They did it such wonderful justice it only expanded on the book and made it better.

Top of the charts was the setting, you could tell that Gary Ross, read, understood and loved the book. He imagined the world of Panem just like it was in my head. I did want to see a little more animal looking Capital Couture though.

Then there was the acting, like most of you I had my reservations about Jennifer and Josh and Lenny. Even Lenny didn’t disappoint. Which, a lot of stated that it was just Lenny in gold eye-liner, but he had maybe a handful of lines. But they were all amazing. Hats off to Jennifer Lawrence, she was phenomenal. She could carry a scene just with her eyes. Her and Josh became the characters, I saw only Peeta and Katniss.

Book-stick-it-to-it. There were only a few discrepancies, but understandable because of elaboration on back-story. They had so much to cover and didn’t have time to explain the intricacies, that small side-plots were left off. Things that they didn’t explain that I thought might confuse “non-book-readers”: The bread scene. It didn’t really explain that this was a turning moment in Katniss’ life, which I think is poignant. It also didn’t explain the “extra” names in the pool. Just that Prim had 1 and Gale had 42. But, it did not explain why, which confused our non-reader companion.

Then the DRAMATIC IMPACT – which was the shining star, over the top, beauty of the movie. It was just a moment to moment, scene from scene emotional and reactionary tale. My favorite scenes, Peeta’s confession, the tracker jacker…even Peeta’s hiding in the mud were done so well they became real. I was balling my eyes out half the time and so were my companions.

Gary Ross took THG and made it real for me. He did an amazing job and I wanted it to just roll into ‘Catching Fire’.

Side not, I did not see ‘The Host’ teaser in my IMAX experience but I did get to see Breaking Dawn II and The Avengers, along with Prometheus, which looks freaky.

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