Twitter Happiness

BTW - Twitter said I don't follow her, but I do. This has been happening a lot. Don't get it.

Sat down to twitter this morning and was casually going through the @s when one came through from Isa of Book Soulmates. I clicked the link (here), thinking it might be like a review with mine also listed, that has been happening a bit lately. Then I figured out the gist of the feature and I sat their stunned. Is this what I think it means? I had to go back to Shadowfevertwitter and pester the crap out of Isa and she confirmed it. Parajunkee’s View was quoted in the paperback copy of Shadowfever.

So0000, I rushed my petunia to Barnes & Noble, did a dance in the aisle as the customer service guy looked at me like an ass — the book was in ROMANCE on the bottom freakin’ shelf (I needed help to find it)! Really?? Really??? Might have to evaluate that one Barnes & Noble shelf manger person, their isn’t sex until book 4! Enough of that though. Flipping flipping — oh.sweet.Barrons. Parajunkee's View quoted in ShadowfeverYep. There it is, nice and quoted. Right under Supernatural Snark’s review that made me feel inferior because her words are like little butterflies that made me all sparkly inside. But, it’s there. I am somebody!! Hee hee. So there is my big F U to anyone that says that book bloggers really don’t matter, because we aren’t really professionals. Well then don’t quote my shit. It seems it’s happening more and more. What a genius feature that those Book Soulmates came up with. Go check it out, hopefully one day you’ll be a part of that feature too.


This is how I feel….