Kiss fo Frost

PJV Quickie: An excellent follow-up to the first novel, ‘Touch of Frost’, I was instantly sucked back into Gwen Frost’s life at Mythos Academy and I can’t wait to move on to book three!

Title: Kiss of Frost
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Mythos Academy #2
ISBN: 0758266944
Publication: November 29th 2011 by Kensington
Received eARC from Author in exchange for an honest review.
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Rating: 4 out of 5


I have to admit it, I’m entranced by this series and mainly because of the great characters that Jennifer Estep has created. These novels are different in the fact that Estep isn’t afraid of stepping out of the box when it comes to tried and true plot devices. Her back-story might not be unique but the way the characters relate to each other and the emotional reactions are. The only way I can describe it is a mature recitation of social interaction. A lot of YA authors that focus in these types of genres will take a more immature approach to the narration. Like because they are teenagers their emotional responses are only motivated by A, B or C. Whereas, in these books, there seems to be a little more depth in them. Because, if you haven’t figured it out yet, people’s reactions normally run the alphabet as far as responses and Esteps characters do this time and again with their unpredictable responses and interactions. It just makes it feel more real life instead of a scripted story written by an adult depicting a teen.

‘Kiss of Frost’ is continuing the story of Gwen Frost and her experiences at Mythos Academy. We’ve discovered a few things about our heroine, including what might be in her future. (It is highly recommended that you read the first book, if not this is going to spoil it for you) As the champion for Nike, Gwen is left more confused than empowered. She has a sword that she really doesn’t know how to use and a big target on her back if the Reapers find out about her. A night in the library and an arrow almost missing her head cements the fact that they probably know about her and one, if not more, is now targeting her. Gwen has to learn how to fight and learn fast, if she wants to protect herself and her new  friends. Yet, the only person qualified to teach her is Logan and she  just happens to be falling for him and he couldn’t care less…

This second book definitely got me going and desperate to read the third. I have to say, I almost like the second better than the first, which is a rarity! I love the tension between Logan and Gwen through the whole book and the fact that Gwen takes charge of her actions most of the time instead of falling back on friends or adults. I did find the antagonist a little over-the-top in the vile villains category. The typical, “I’m vile and I shall reveal my villainous deeds while I kill you” sort of character. But, the added plot twists did keep me on my toes for most of the book. Overall, it was well done and I’m looking forward to reading more about Gwen Frost.


Recommended for mature teens because of violence and some sexual content, completely 3rd party, nothing first hand. Fans of young adult paranormal will enjoy. There is hinted about romance, but I wouldn’t describe this as a romance, more urban fantasy. It is highly recommended that you read ‘Touch of Frost’ first, I wouldn’t describe these as stand-alone.

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