Win Strange Flesh by Michael Olson

This is a story about sex and games.

James Pryce, a Harvard dropout and now an elite hacker for RedRook Security has received his most tantalizing—and most personal—assignment yet. In order to understand his primary target, he must discover what led a gifted young woman to her sudden, brutal death. But his pursuit of the truth is not merely professional. The investigation, and its unexpected twists, ignite passions in James that are unlike anything he’s experienced…since Blythe Randall.

Blythe, the love of his life and the woman who broke his heart ten years ago, has hired him to locate her brother Billy—a billionaire multi-media artist who’s disappeared into a decadent online world called NOD. Billy Randall’s obsession is “the Bleed”: the moment when real and virtual selves intersect, where actions in one life breed consequences in another. James soon learns that Billy has designed a lavish alternate reality game, an escalating, high stakes virtual landscape of strange flesh.

And in order to find him, James Pryce must play along.


Do you think Virtual Reality, “as close to real life as possible” is going to be available in our lifetime?

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