The RT Convention, Romance Reviews on Parajunkee’s Review — and let’s try this associate reviewer thing again.

Parajunkee at RT

RT Book Lovers Convention

First thing I would like to discuss, I have actually won a trip to RT in Chicago from HarperCollins. It was just random post that I sent out from a BookPerk deal and you wonderful people clicked and clicked and clicked. So, thank you, everyone who clicked that Susan Elizabeth Phillips banner that I had up about six months ago. I hope you enjoyed your audiobook and thank you for clicking. I’ll put together a boat load of romance titles for giveaway after the convention. If you are also going to attend, let me know, because I’m actually going to be on my own, which is going to be different, there is always a husband, or a business colleague. I think the last time I traveled solo I was in the military and we are not mentioning how many years ago that was. So, if you are going and want to adopt a junkee I’m all for it.. 😉

RT is April 11 – 15 in Chicago.

Romancing The JunkeeRT Promo Spotlight

For that week, I was going to do a Romance spotlight feature, all Romance All Week. Hopefully focusing on authors that will be attending RT. So, if you would like to participate let me know. Authors, if you are attending you can email me to do a special spotlight. I could even maybe follow you

Speaking of Romance

Perspective, perspective. I think you might have heard a few of my rants and noticed that I’m a little PNRd out. I blame the Alpha men. But, I love me some Romance, so I was thinking instead of just over dosing on young adult to open things up to more contemporary and even historical romances. Which, I haven’t read a lot of, at all. So, you guys will get to experience this with me, I hope it’s good. Would anyone be opposed?

Associate Reviewer, let’s try this again.

If you are interested in reviewing for Parajunkee’s View, I would like to give this associate reviewer thing a try again. Please, only apply if you plan on being serious about it. Apply Today.