PJV Quickie: It’s always tragic when a beloved series comes to an end — but when it meets your every expectation there is nothing better. ‘Siege’, the final installment in the As The World Dies series went beyond my expectations.

Title: Siege
Author: Rhiannon Frater
Series: As The World Dies #3
Publication: Releasing April 24th from Tor
Received ARC from The Bookish Brunette, who rocks my socks/face.
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Rating: 5 out of 5


What can I say? I’m a fan girl of this series and I will try to push these books on anyone that enjoys a good dramatic and horrific tale. Rhiannon Frater breaks up stereotypes and paints the world in a way that is both real and different. The books are about zombies, but the essence of their very soul are the characters. The characters reaction to the End of the World makes up the guts of the tale and you will fall in-love with every one of them and cringe as the living dead try to eat that at every turn.

The final tale begins where the last book left off. The survivors are actually doing well, they’ve flushed out their surrounding area and have moved into the hotel. They are still scared, life is still exceptionally hard, but little creature comforts have made a difference. Yet, still there is dissension in the ranks. Hard-core religious beliefs are taking hold in some of the fort survivors and their views become more bigoted the more “different” other survivors seem to be. Paired with the fact that the vigilante is still around, some of the survivors are not feeling quite safe from the living and the dead. Then, it is discovered another strong-hold has been established with the military at it’s helm and they just might have their sights set on the fort. Where zombies are concerned, it never ends.

The human element is a big part of the final As The World Dies book. It is not just zombies that the survivors have to fear. But, through it all the great characters that Frater has created shine. Frater made some tough calls in this book, I was upset with her regarding a few of her plot twists, but in the end I was completely smitten with this book and horrified that the series was over and I wouldn’t get to check in on all these wonderful characters that I fell in love with.

For you guys that need your gore, it is there, in chilling detail again and again and again. Frater excels at her horrific storytelling. Who can forget the first scene from ‘The First Days?’ Those little fingers! Ack! There is even more insane imagery in ‘Siege.’ There was this one scene that involved a zombie and an earring. I’m still reeling from that one. I was stunned with the crazy outcome of most scenes, including that one. Killed me.

Overall it was a good and bloody tale that had a bit of romance, a bit of insanity, violence, political vengeance and mystery all rolled into one. Isn’t it about time you checked out this series, if you haven’t already?

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