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Q:Hey, I’m new to social media, well I have Facebook, but I’m new to social media promotions. I’m scared of twitter, a bit, afraid of things that I might do wrong. What should I avoid when tweeting? Thanks – Twitterphobic

Welcome to a Junkee’s Take on Tweeting…

I can only tell you want aggravates me — and what I’ve glommed from other tweeps. Take it as you will. But this will be why I don’t follow you.

  • Don’t Be An Egg-Head – don’t use the default twitter avi – which is an egg. The first thing when I see an egg is “Spam! Run!” Grab anything, just Google search your favorite animal and use it as your avi. Just don’t use the egg.
  • Yap Back! – When someone @s you – respond! No matter how inane the @ might be. Unless of course it is spam.
  • Follower Count Cheater – Don’t do this “earn 1000” follower tools. It only makes your number go up, it’s just a number, these aren’t real followers. And most of the time it’s just scam programs to spam you to death.
  • Follower Games – I’ll be honest, these people piss me off, follow someone just to say “hey I’m a new follower” and then dump them the moment the new car smell wears off. If you plan to dump me at the first chance you get, don’t bother.
  • Self-Promo Lunatics – Yes, I know you use twitter to promo your blog – but holy mother of tweets – stop tweeting out every posts you’ve written in the last month. This is going to make me not clicky clicky – but unfollow. I’m here to interact, not be spammed to death. Time your self-promo tweets accordingly. You want to have the majority, friendly interactions and maybe a third promo tweets.
  • Random @s – Don’t @ someone in a random tweet just to get their attention. Like, “I’m feeling in the mood to read… @blogger1 @blogger2” — when I get these @s I think in my head “Ok, and what action do you want me to take because of this?” Does the person want me to give a suggestion of what to read, or do they want me to clap and say “bravo for your literacy mood?”
  • Negative Review @s – Wrote a negative review? – Don’t @ the author! That is just straight up rude. Personally I usually only @ the author with a review if it’s an ARC review, and of course positive. I’ll email review links to the publisher, negative or positive.
  • Don't Be a Weiner

    Don’t Be a Weiner

    Tweet Inappropriately – Don’t talk about other people or bash people on twitter, or say things that you wouldn’t say at a party (with a megaphone). Look, I’m right there with you, sometimes it is sooo easy to just tweet out something that is bothering you. Just remember – they can find out very very easily that you were talking about them. So, if you don’t want them to read your comments, don’t tweet it. Twitter is a public forum and even if you block someone they can still read your stream by going to your twitter page. You should also keep this in mind if you tweet out controversial statements or viewpoints. It’s always going to be there and people can see it. It is happening more and more, celebs, politicians and athletes are getting in trouble for tweets. Your tweet might not be on the news – but you never know. Silly girls tweeting out about Chris Brown made the news. It could happen very easily to you.

  • RT Change-ups – When retweeting, if you are changing the gist of the tweet, don’t include it as a RT.
  • Tweet banalities – And here enters the PJ rant section of this list, and yes, I’m probably guilty of some of these – especially if I find myself on twitter after a few glasses of some kind of alcoholic concoction. But, here is my list of things that I could care less about that a lot of people tweet about:
      1. If you are not an exercise guru – I could care less about your exercise routine
      2. Your daily routine does not intrigue me at all…
      3. I could care less that you just checked in to Wal-Mart..Starbucks…Easy Serve, unless you are tweeting out pictures of the creatures you are encountering
      4. I could care less that you’ve watched Twilight 100 times so thus earned a new GetGlue achievement
      5. GetGlue is ridiculousIn fact, I could care less what you are watching on television — unless it’s a Über event and we are all commenting and having a conversation about it — i.e. Grammys, Superbowl, etc.
      6. If you tweet about your toilet habits one more time I’m going to vomit
      7. “I’m so busy…” Then why are you on twitter?!
      8. I don’t care about what you are eating – unless you have a great pic and recipe to go with it
      9. “My mind is like a sieve and this book is like cauliflower” – Dude! Don’t do drugs and weird random nonsense tweets don’t make you look mysterious. It just makes you look like your twitter account was hacked by stoners.

And after that amazing ostracization of most of my twitter friends, I’ll leave you with some quick tips for twitter:

  1. Don’t set up an auto-DM to new followers.
  2. Don’t automate a majority of your tweets – spammer alert
  3. Don’t tweet about your sex life, unless it involves pictures and recipes (j/k)
  4. Don’t DM unless it is personal, definitely not to promo something
  5. Don’t tweet about your work negatively (it’ll come back to bite you!)
  6. Don’t tweet out anything incriminating, you never know who is following you, like for instance your mother-in-law
  7. Don’t just tweet a link – explain please
  8.  Lay off the CAPS it looks aggressive
  9. Hashtags can be fun, but overused can be annoying
  10.  Don’t beg for followers
  11.  Don’t beg for RTs
  12. Do send out interesting links that you think your followers would like to know about
  13.  Do tell us about what you are reading if it is sparking up emotions
  14.  Do tweet about interesting things that happen to you
  15. Do tell us about your life if it is pertinent
  16.  Do make conversation with followers
  17.  Do respond to your @s
  18.  Do be nice and respectful, remember if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t tweet it to them.
XO – Happy Thursday, Talk Less, Read More.