Hello my lovies. If have been paying attention to a few of the Book Blogging 101 conversations, you might know that there has been some anxiety about GFC shutting out non-Blogger blogs this coming March. (That is Next Month People!) This is a big deal — it literally flushes 4000 followers of mine down the toilet. I’ve pushed people to sign-up via my RSS subscription, but I’ve gotten about 1200, if I’m doing my math properly that’s a loss of a lot of followers. Luckily my pageviews have not gone down one bit (Thank you!!! XOXO) but it is always nice and reassuring to look over at that little GFC follower widget and see a pretty number there for EGO boosting purposes.

I’m going off on a tangent, aren’t I?

Sorry! But, here is the point of my story – the guy that runs LinkyTools, those fun linky lists that you see in so many of our blogs, teamed up with a few bloggers and came up with an alternative to GFC – he understands the need for this useful tool, unlike Google. And on top of his useful creation to the GFC competition – he’s made it available for use on blogs that can’t use javascript — ahem WORDPRESS.com – yup, the free one! This is a big step, because before this, WP.com peeps could only use email subscriptions and push RSS feed.

So yes there is now an Alternative to Google Friend Connect!

Yes, you too, wordpress people, can have a wonderful follower count on your sidebar!

You don’t have to be forced into BLOGGER anymore just because of the industry standard GFC!

But, this one is new, so therefor I only really have 1 follower (4 come with sign-up and 1 was me – have to test it!). Therefor, I’m going to try to sweeten up the pot to get this transition in motion. I’m using BRIBERY! Yeah!!! Let’s start a revolution. I’m running this contest until GFC bye bye date. March 1, 2012. Here is the blog post. I may even push it back further. Up for Grabs:

Two Winners!

Win $30 in Amazon GiftcardsWin a $20 Giftcard!

Win a $10 Giftcard.

  The giftcard will be from your choice of stores:  

  • Amazon.com (Available International)
  • Barnes & Noble (Domestic US)
  • Wal-Mart (Domestic)
  • Book Depository (International based on their shipping restrictions – you can choose $20 / $10 worth of books)

    What do you have to do?   Follow via the Linky Followers Gadget And — if you want to spread the revolution, you get a second chance to enter if you host your own giveawayfor the purpose of promoting Linky Followers. We want people to find an alternative to GFC – but it won’t be an alternative if no one uses it, right? So, let’s bribe them to get on the bandwagon 😉 Leave the link to your own giveaway in the linky list below. Fill out the Rafflecopter widget so your entry is counted!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a $20 Amazon.com Giftcard
Please only sign-up giveaways that have a required Linky Follower use…