A little rumor has hit my ears, something involving a young adult paranormal series, the producer of “The Matrix” and “I Am Legend” along with scheduled filming this coming April in New Orleans. What could it be?

The paranormal series, that began with “Beautiful Creatures”, written by the dynamic duo, Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia is making it’s way to the big screen with heavy hitting producer Erwin Stoff (“The Matrix,” “I Am Legend”) along with Kosove and Johnson (“The Blind Side, “The Book of Eli”) and Molly Smith (“Something Borrowed,” “P.S. I Love You”). The movie is being financed by Alcon Entertainment.

Logan Lerman

Viola Davis (Oscar-nominated actress “The Help” will play Amma) is the only name that has been floating around, but the rumors are flying as to who will play Ethan and Lena. Names like Logan Lerman (who needs a new website BTW — all baby pics “Percy Jackson” “The Three Muskateers”) and Lucy Hale (“Pretty Little Liars” — doubt it though she is owned by Disney) have been thrown around by fans.

I’m excited about the fact that filming begins in New Orleans in April. When reading ‘Beautiful Creatures’ I could almost imagine the setting because it was so similar to New Orleans, crumbling old homes, towering oaks. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one as a movie.

Lucy Hale

Who is your ‘Beautiful Creatures’ dream cast?






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