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Welcome to Ms. Junkee’s Blogging & Social Etiquette Class

Some odd behavior and hurt feelings have prompted some of the Book Blogging 101 readers to ask for a Blogging Etiquette post. These actions were done to other Bloggers and are considered rude behavior that WILL get you selected for the “unfollow” list.

Stealing Content

Suggested by Sarah of Inklings Read this is a topic on everyone’s mind.

I’ve actually had my content stolen and reproduced on another person’s blog. (not fun) Last week we even discussed name thievery. Other readers have also suggested to me that they have had memes stolen, the idea behind the memes and even the memes name. This might fall outside of the range of intellectual property and non-copyrightable material – but when you break it down, thievery is thievery.

Stealing content from another blogger might not get you thrown in jail, but it might land you on the “86” list for other bloggers especially when word gets around. Even if it is unintentional. This is a BIG/small community. Word spreads.

Before “paraphrasing” a review, or launching a new meme or blog name stop and think about what you are about to do. If you are paraphrasing – stop! A review is supposed to be your opinion, not someone else’s opinion with different adjectives. Get your hands off of other peoples ideas and come up with your own conclusions. If you are taking another meme that someone else is using, but you think you can do better – you better give that person credit…and last but not least, if you are taking a same name or idea, stop…stealing is stealing even if it is only an idea or a non-trademarked name. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right. Word spreads, you don’t want to be on the pariah list. You might have racked up hundreds of followers for your last contest, but I would rather 1 great loyal follower than 100 “I’m Here For Free Books” follower. Just saying.

Blogger Jealousy

Grace from Books of Love suggest some bloggers and non-bloggers alike might have a problem with jealousy. This springs up a lot around Con times, when people get jealous of other people’s hauls. Who cares that so and so from “Books Make Me Buttery” grabbed two copies of that much anticipated sequel to Romeo & Julio — if the publisher didn’t want to give them those two ARCs she would have only gotten one. Being all grumpy, doing rant posts and mean twitter attacks isn’t going to change things, it is just going to make you look like a jealous fool. And of course — you might lose some followers.

ARC Tour Thievery

Can you believe this happens? But obviously it does because Savannah from Books with Bite told me that she’s been having a bit of trouble with bloggers not passing on their ARCs on ARC Tours. Hey honey — we have your address because the tour coordinator sent you the book — you are officially on the 86 list. The book is not for you to keep – pass it on. If you couldn’t read the book in one week and pass it on you shouldn’t have joined the tour. We know where you live, we’ll be coming for that book soon.

That’s Spam Not A Comment

You think I’m going to come to your blog when you just leave a comment that says “Nice review, come see mine…” Nope. Rie from Mission to Read is of the same opinion. Don’t spam me…I would be more likely to come check out your blog if you said something meaningful. That is right up there with the thousand of comments I get from some UGG company. TG for askimet.

Hide Behind The Computer

This happens a lot, you feel safe and sound behind your computer so why not tell us how you really feel. Leave a mean comment or rant in a post about someone, personally attack an author in a review, troll on some comment board and the best – send nasty tweets back and forth to someone. Yes, I know you are not doing it face to face, so it makes it easier to get ugly. But, sometimes nasty on the internet can be much worse because it never goes away. People can repost it, screen capture it, Google Search it… what a legacy!

If you wouldn’t say something to that person’s face, or if you have to hide behind an ANON — maybe you shouldn’t be posting it.

I personally just got insulted through my friend request via Goodreads.com – I have a challenge question, obviously they didn’t like it much. Suddenly I feel like making my challenge question harder… be nice people, the internet can backfire very quickly. And what you don’t realize your email shows up in the oddest places, along with your IP address. Your comment handle might be anon – but your IP address shows up the moment you step on the blog and there are a few people that know their way around the internet to get info.

Blog Snobbery

Yes, you are great because you now have a Penguin and Simon and Schuster contact. Bravo, we are happy for you. But, that doesn’t mean that you start to ignore emails and don’t visit other bloggers or respond in your comments section anymore. Yes, we understand — YOU ARE SO BUSY — with all those author buddies and publishing contacts emailing you 24/7 but you might want to remember that you wouldn’t have those contacts if you didn’t have readers.  Personally, I have unfollowed two blogs because of this. Get over yourself and interact with the ones that count. @Hockeyvamp said she knows of at least three. We’ll be watching.

I couldn’t get to all but here are a few more things that tweeps suggested bloggers might want to work on:

  • Bloggers that host Giveaways and then never send the books
    Really? I know sometimes it takes awhile and sometimes things happen in shipping, or your publishing contact fails you. But, if the person is emailing you a few times about the giveaway and now you are ignoring their emails — well you might want to think twice the next time you host a giveaway.
  • Bloggers that ask you to help them and then drop you the moment the don’t need you anymore
    Even better bloggers that don’t follow you, don’t even pretend to know you, but are still pestering you to help them out. “Hey I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I need you to tell me how to install this widget and don’t even think about telling me to search Google!” Yes, that really makes me want to break out my helping hand.. *sarcasm* It actually makes me want to “block and report as spam”.
  • Design Thievery
    This came up on twitter this morning, all of a sudden your design is appearing on a server on a blog that hasn’t gone live yet! WTF? Now you have to sit and wait to see what this blogger is going to do? Are they actually going to use your header like it looks like they might? How did the blogger find out? They started to see a particular link over and over again in their site stats. Pay attention to those people.
  • Sellers of ARCs (bad!)
    After BEA and ALA you’ll see a ton of ARCs up for sale on eBAY. But, you will also see certain bloggers host “sales” on their site. That is fine if you want to sell the books you bought, but don’t sell those ARCs or even the review copies that were sent to you. Those were given to you for review. You should not profit from them. Swap. Swap. Swap.
  • Trash Talkers
  • Bloggers that send authors their negative review via twitter, or posting it on their FB fan page
  • Goodreads.com spammers (too many contests people!)
    I don’t even check my notifications on Goodreads.com anymore.
  • Promotion content bloggers (post a review already!)
    Bloggers that only repost the synopsis and trailers of a book. Might as well be amazon.
  • Bloggers that email you to do things a certain way, like when you should post content to make their lives easier…
    Sending me an email constantly about when I SHOULD be posting my #FF questions or update my calendar is not looked on nicely when I check my email in the morning…
  • Bloggers that will do anything to get their hands on a book (push people at conferences, lie to authors, befriend other bloggers just to send them with no thanks)
    Skeevy. That is skeevy people. Might as well wear a top hat, a cap and do that evil laugh thing…

Thank you to my darling twitter buddies that made suggestions! XOX —

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XO – Happy Thursday, Talk Less, Read More.

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