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The ‘Shadow Heir’ Discussion Post

This is for people that have finished ‘Shadow Heir’ the final book in the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead. There will tons of spoilers.

Title: Shadow Heir
Author: Richelle Mead
Series: Dark Swan #4
ISBN: 0553826093
Publication: December 27th 2011 by Zebra

I had to get this out in writing. I couldn’t just slap together a review with generalizations and hints because of the fear of spoilers. I’m so flummoxed with this ending and the book that I’m still torn up about it. I mean it literally that I had forgotten this was the end of the series while I was reading it, so on completion, I was just like, “ok, boy is Dorian going to be pissed in the next book…” then off to to mark it as complete and a sudden realization that the series was over when I scrolled through my friends star ratings and wondered why this one ranked so low in a lot of people’s thoughts. Then realization: Oh that was the ending.

How was that an ending?

But, I digress as usually. I have numerous points to make in my discussion. The first one being the total strangers that come out of nowhere and are suddenly Eugenie’s BFFs and now the twins guardians. Where did that make sense? These innocent, supposed shamans, who have NO IDEA about Eugenie and what these kids are will do a better job at protecting them than a fae army???

Where is that logic? She tells them nothing about her past, the danger of the children and their assassins — and they are just okay with it and Eugenie is ok with giving her children up to them. They found your OBGYN in Ohio or Iowa wherever it was, but they can’t ever find the kids in Alabama. Well, that is succinct. One plot thread that makes sense. *sarcasm*

Then the Volunsian plot thread. That was damn convenient again. Volusian just happens to be from the same kingdom that is harassing the Otherworld and turns out to be a good guy??

On to the Kiyo plot thread. That was so out of character for Dorian, who will do anything to protect Eugenie, yet he invites Kiyo, who from what I can tell has no real crazy power but Super Fox (woopty woo!) to go on this mission? And Eugenie is like, ‘Oh ok!’ This guy just tried to kill you and is out to kill your children, but sure, let’s bring him along for the ride. Anything to save the kingdoms, because he’ll be such an asset? WTF? He should have been flayed alive. Not invited on a trek to save the Otherworld. I’m sure they could have rounded up another kitsune if they need a puppy pal for the trip.

I’m exacerbated over Kiyo. She had numerous times to take care of that particular problem. She has no problem with taking out numerous other otherworld characters — yet she pauses for Kiyo, just because she had a relationship with him. Personally, if my ex tried to kill me I would be more apt to kill him than if a perfect stranger tried to kill me. Fine line between love and hate… etc.

Then the convenient little plot twist at the end, surprise surprise Dorian is the father because Kiyo had a vasectomy and didn’t want to mention it because Dorian would tear down a kingdom to protect his own children. Convenient. I would have smited him right there. Zap. Oops.

Finally the Pagiel plot twist. Another convenient out. Well, that takes care of Storm Kings heir. Quite nice wrap-up don’t you think? That was almost as big of a cop-out as Stephanie Meyer’s imprinting of Reneeseme (however you spell that kids name) and Jacob. ‘Breaking Dawn’ of course was the worst ending to a series ever, I think ‘Shadow Heir’ takes second.

Then, the ending. Which involves Eugenie not telling Dorian he is a father? With Eugenie abandoning her children to go shack up with Dorian. Perfect.

I’ve always been a fan of Dorian, not Eugenie in the later books. Now I want Dorian to murder Eugenie. I would.

And then the clincher — If the twins are all Dorians and Eugenie’s wouldn’t that make them 3/4ths fae?? 1 whole + 1 half = 3/4 right? I’m bad at math. Meaning they would probably be effected a lot by technology? Wouldn’t that make human world living kind of hard? What happens when the twins take out a mountain and bring down a storm? Wouldn’t you think that would raise some suspicions about their non-human origins with the foster parents? Why wouldn’t she have told them anything and why are they safer in the human world?? This is just another product of Eugenie’s racism.

This book just didn’t make any sense to me. Please explain it if I missed something! Can you tell I’m distraught?