Tyger Tyger (Goblin Wars #1) by Kersten Hamilton

PJV Quickie: Tyger, Tyger is a richly, imaginative story that drew me in from the onset.

Title: Tyger Tyger: A Goblin Wars Book
Author: Kersten Hamilton
Type: Young Adult, Fantasy
Review previously posted on Blogger, but post was lost in transition. Review from ARC copy of Tyger, Tyger in exchange for an honest review.
5 Stars

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Steeped in Irish lore and myth the story wrapped around me so deeply that I actually heard the Irish brogue as I read the words – which was so much fun. I love having a different accent in my head! Tyger, Tyger had all the makings for a wonderful YA that I love: A hint of romance, a dastardly evil plot bent to eradicate the heroine, strong well-established characters, rich back story and a tight plot. I also like my YA dark and this one fit the bill. Team all that up with a very unique storyline – I know you are thinking Irish + Faeries + Human Chick = like a million other YA novels, but this one was much different and you might learn something about Irish History along the way.

Goblin. Teagan Wyllston’s thoughts on goblins were reserved only for when viewing her mother’s paintings which were rich in Irish folklore and legend. Goblins aren’t real. College is real, scholarships are real. Her friend Abby’s crazy talk about dreams where goblins come out of paintings and attack is purely ludicrous. Yet, when her wayward “cousin” {in name only} Finn Mac Cumhaill is dragged to her house by a overzealous child protection service agent and begins telling her about the cat-sidhe goblins, Tea starts doubting her entire life. Even worse when she starts seeing glimmers of maggot-infested nasty creatures that enjoy squeezing the life out of innocent baby animals…goblins are real???

A brilliant story that now has me slavering to read book two. I couldn’t really tell you anything that I found wrong with the story…crazy right? I’m completely engrossed in the story of The Mac Cumhail and Teagan and look forward to more.


I highly recommend this tale for Young Adult paranormal fans. If you read and liked stories such as Julie Kagawa’s Iron Series or Marr’s Wicked Lovely series you should really enjoy this one.

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