Devil's Kiss by Zoe Archer

PJV Quickie: The start of a very hot series, Zoe Archer’s struck gold with her Hellraisers. I was instantly infatuated with the Earl of Whitney – I’ll bet on him any day.


Title: Devil’s Kiss
Author: Zoe Archer
Series: The Hellraisers #1
ISBN: 1420122274
Publication: December 1st 2011 by Zebra
Received ARC review copy from Zebra in exchange for a review
Links: Author Web >> Author Twitter >> Purchase Book >> Goodreads
Rating: 4 out of 5


Striking out lately with paranormal romance I thought ‘Devil’s Kiss’ by Zoe Archer might be just what I needed. A little taste of something new – and I was right. Archer crafted some unique lore and put together a great start of series that has me excited to read more. The Hellraisers are a group of men in the 1700s that are of a wealthy persuasion and have the tendency to get a bit rowdy. Prone to gamble, drinking and women, the boys are always two steps away from danger. Boredom has led them to a gypsy encampment, gambling and drinking the night away, the gypsies more than willing to entertain the five men for a bit of coin. Whit, our handsome hero isn’t used to being distracted from the game – but the gorgeous gypsy girl, Zora Grey is quite distracting.

Rumors of a cursed ruin and talk of evil get the Hellraisers interested to go exploring in their inebriated state and abandoning their gypsy company. But, Zora is determined to prevent them from doing harm – yet, she’s too late and the men have made their deal. Now, it’s a race against the clock to convince Whit that his deal was a deal with the devil – and he needs to break it or he risks more than just his soul.

A tortured hero, a willful heroine and a unique and very plot driven storyline made ‘Devil’s Kiss’ an awesome paranormal romance. I’m now smitten with Zoe Archer and hope to read more from her. Some down points did rise up in the story in the guys behavior at how easily they sold their souls and how hard it was to logically get through to Whit. But, I’ve never been offered my souls desire or had a vice like Whit has, so I guess I can’t judge. But, it did lead to some WTFs with the behavior. But, once the pursuit to save the soul swept into full swing it was on and I completely enjoyed.


Recommended for historical romance and paranormal romance fans. This is an adult romance novel so there are sexual interactions that is meant for adults only.

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