Best Audio Book of 2011My audio book reads have been eclectic if described as anything at all. I had the pleasure of discovering the joys of this year and took advantage of their 2 credit plan and on top of that, their multiple sales, picking up audio books for as low as $4.95 at times. I tried the library but I’m Mac based and the software libraries use just isn’t Mac friendly (boo hiss) so I quickly blew through the selections available in that department. That being said, here are my Best of 2011 Audio Book selections, chosen for the content of the book and the great narration.

Gritty Science Fiction Dystopian Listens

Paolo BacigalupiThe big winner of the Audio Book choices was Paolo Bacigalupi, his books ‘The Windup Girl’ (Read Review) and ‘Ship Breaker’ (Read Review) were two of my favorites this year. His gritty setting and rich imagination was translated well in audio and I think I probably enjoyed these more because of the narration. You do not want to pass these up. For young adult flavoring check out Bacigalupi’s ‘Ship Breaker’ for adult his ‘The Windup Girl.’

Enjoy the Apocalypse with these Audio Books:

Life As We Knew It, Best Apocalyptic Reads, Audio BooksAlas, Babylon best reads of 2011Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden

I also hit the Armageddon fiction really hard via audio book this year, sucking down all the books I had meant to read, but never managed to get to. Apocalyptic titles, like ‘Alas, Babylon’ by Pat Frank (Read Review) and ‘Life as We Knew It’ by Susan Beth Pfeffer (Read Review) were amazing additions to my 2011 reads. ‘Alas, Babylon’ is always on the Best Classic Apocalyptic reads whenever you search the internet, so I had to get my hands on it. It was well worth the listen and justified in it’s spot on best apocalyptic. ‘Life as We Knew It’ was a much more modern read and from a young adult perspective. Pfeffer rocked my socks with this series and I devoured it in a weekend. But for a real gem of an audio book, check out ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ by John Marsden (Read Review). The great and dramatic story combined with the narrator and her Australian accent makes for the best buy of the year and my recommend for young adult fans.

Start a new series with these great firsts in series, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy:

‘Pleasure Unbound’ by Larissa Ione (Read Review)

‘Magic Bites’ by Ilona Andrews (Read Review)

Young Adult Fantasy & Young Adult Dystopian Start of Series Audio Books

I also began some great new Young Adult series, partaking in both a fantasy series by Rick Riordan and two dystopian titles by Lauren Oliver and Kat Falls. If you have the chance check out:

‘Dark Life’ by Kat Falls (Read Review)

‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver (Read Review)

Heroes of the Olympus Series by Rick Riordan (Read Review)

Paranormal Romance Series on Audio Book

I also finished out some of my favorite series on Audio Book. After meeting Phil Gigante (narrator of ‘Shadowfever’ by Karen Marie Moning ) I read this book in hardback and bought the audio book – yes it is that good, so the Fever series is a ‘must read’ on top of being a ‘must listen’. Then after having a hard time forcing myself to finish The Vampire Academy series – I just couldn’t emotionally face the fact of Rose having to confront Dmitri, I bought it on audio book and finished the series that way. If you are fans of these series, give them a try on audio book, the narrators are excellent and it gives a new dynamic to your read.

‘Shadowfever’ by Karen Marie Moning (Read Review)

‘Last Sacrifice’ by Richelle Mead (Read Review)

Zombie Fiction on Audio Book

I also managed to get my hands on zombie fic in audio books also, gives it a bit of a creep factor when you hear it described in surround sound. Two selections, both adult and young adult make the list:

‘Day By Day Armageddon’ by J L Bourne  (Read Review)

‘Rot & Ruin’ by Jonathan Maberry (Read Review)

That is just some of the great selection that I bought and enjoyed via audio book. It’s a new medium for me, but I really enjoy it. Solo grocery trips, meanderings through the park — all made better with an iPhone and my latest download.