Best Audio Book of 2011

Magic Bites by Illona Andres ReviewGenre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Element: Magic, Vampires, Shifters
Series: Kate Daniels #1
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Being the series junkee that I am, I didn’t possibly know why I hadn’t started this series yet. I can only blame it on lack of time and too many good books. From the start this one struck me as different. It starts out very gritty with a head first jump into a very urban fantasy world. I knew I was going to love the main character, Kate Daniels – and her world was twisted enough that I knew I would feel right at home. Paired with some excellent word weaving by Andrews and I was in UF heaven.


Kate Daniels’ world is a world where Magic has gone out of whack. Flares and disturbances plague the cities, rendering technology null and strange occurrences rampant. Shifters and mages are ‘out’ but distrusted and are usually pretty wary of one another. Vampires are creatures to be possessed and used, unridden by Necromancers they are feral and will murder anything that comes upon them.

Kate actually likes the world she lives in, she is a live by the sword, try not to die by the sword type of girl. She makes her living as a magical mercenary and has made her way pretty well. She was doing just fine until someone kills her guardian. Rips him to pieces is more like it.

Kate can’t sit idly by and let the murderer go unpunished. With permission from the Order she takes up the case and finds herself neck deep in two steps. Never one to roll over and take it, Kate pushes on, desperate to find out who killed her guardian – but she just might not survive the knowlege.

Fast-paced, gritty, full of sarcasm and wit, MAGIC BITES is the epitome of a great Urban Fantasy novel. The world building is complex and intense in its defining. The characters are robust and in-your-face. There was enough violence to keep it nasty, without the raunchy romance that drags some UF down. Yet, some good flirting to keep it alive. I wouldn’t say this is the most original of pieces, snarky and intense heroine, slick and over-bearing hero are used a lot, but the world Andrews created was definitely on the very creative side of the crayon box. I think I might have a new series to have and hold — because I’m dying to sink my teeth into MAGIC BURNS.


Recommended for adults and mature readers. The violence can be a bit overpowering and there was a fair bit of mature language and references. Series is reminiscent of the earlier Anita Blake books (not the later ones when all she does is have sex).