Welcome to the first Twitter & Facebook Hop on Parajunkee’s View.

In preparedness for the coming cut off of Google Friends Connect on non-Blogger blogs, there has been a lot of questions posed to me on how to retain their followers. Two really fantastic ways of interacting with followers and drawing people to your blog is by utilizing Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages. There are two different sections to this post, one is for your twitter address and one is for your FAN page (not your friends account). Link them up and follow back! There are no required rules but a few things that might help this work well.


  1. When you follow or like someone @ them and let them know so they can follow back
  2. Be nice about it! Don’t just send the same message over and over again!
  3. Leave a comment and tell me if this meme is a keeper.
  4. As a courtesy if someone follows you be sure to follow back.
  5. Have fun!