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How do you create a link to your blog to put in blog comments? – Jennifer

Simple HTML every blogger should know.

You are going to call a link, which is the <a> code.

This is how the finalized code string will look with my information.

<a href="http://www.parajunkee.com">Parajunkee.com</a>

The colored text is your link, keep it within the ” ” marks, you can’t forget those. Remember to always include the whole link, never www.pj.com or pj.com, you always have to include that http:// if not the browser will look within the blog and not out of the blog.

You can change the “SHOW” text to anything you want, see I used Parajunkee.com but you can literarily put any text you want.

Other HTML Bloggers Should Know

Make a statement Bold

<b>Your Statement</b> or <strong>Your Statement</strong>

Make a statement Italics

<i>Your Statement</i> or <em>Your Statement</em>

Make a statement Blink

<blink>Makes it Blink</blink>

Center a Statement
<center>Center is helpful if your blogger edit just isn't working</center>

Create Headers!

Headers Can be Used to add hiercy

They also work for SEO & vision impaired readers

I’ve styled my header tags in my CSS code.

<h1>Largest Header</h1>
<h2> Secondary Size </h2>
<h3> Tertiary </h3>
<h4> Smaller... </h4>
<h5> Smaller... </h5>
<h6>Smallest Header</h6>

Formatting text can sometimes be a pain in blogger, line breaks and formatting can sometimes drive you crazy, here are some lines of code that might help you out:

<p>Double Space - wrap your paragraph in this tag</p>
<br /> One Space
<hr /> Ads a line - shown above

Good luck! And HTML is easy once you get a hang of all the

I was recently emailed by an “author” who would like for me to read/review his book. When I asked him for a hard-copy, he offered to send me a printed copy on standard-sized letter paper and asked if I would like it hold punched. How can I turn him down respectfully, without coming across rude or snobbish?

Thanks so much! – Kelly

That one is a hard one. It sounds like your author wants a Beta reader — and frankly they do not want a reviewer to be a Beta reader. You might want to suggest to him that he should look into having it published via a self-publishing engine before he begins sending his book out. Kindly offer that you do not accept books in that stage of the publishing processes and usually like it in a formatted and bound ARC form or a finalized copy. Hopefully he should understand.

So once you’ve contacted a publisher for a book and they respond back that they will send it (and they are so nice and friendly about it, you feel that instant rapport), do you continue to send the same “form letter” for future requests? I have a pretty professional layout for my review requests, but I’d hate to keep sending the same thing over and over and sound like a robot, especially once they begin to get to know me.
I guess my question is, how would I word a second or third request to someone who obviously knows who I am? I can’t say, “Hey yo! I’m in yo database! Can I get that book?!” Clearly I’m exaggerating, but you get what I’m saying. – Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

Jennifer, if they respond back with a personal name just personalize the email. Be professional still, but you don’t have do the whole — this is my blog, this is my stats thing. Now just call them out by name with a Good Morning or whatever is applicable. Mention that you had receive XXX book from them earlier and would like to request YYY book now. Thank them for their time and for sending the earlier book, maybe include the review that you did of the earlier book. No – Yos though LOL

I want to add snow to my blog, but I cant quite figure out how to put it on there. I have your directions, but I dont know where to find the </BODY> tag. I find I have this trouble a lot when it comes to adding a lot of stuff.
Including the Like your FB page from your blog or website thingy… I think their called FaceBook widgits or something like that.
Please help with my problem. – Brooklynn Gibbs

Brooklynn you will be looking in your EDIT HTML section of the blog. It is actually easier to do this in “OLD BLOGGER” than new blogger, so I suggest going that route. New Blogger makes things harder to edit HTML for some reason.

Once you are in your EDIT HTML section, go to EDIT > FIND in your browser or CTRL-F a search box should appear at the top right or bottom left (depending on what browser you are using), for Firefox it comes up bottom left. Type in </BODY> and it will search your HTML for that tag and should bring it into focus. Sometimes you do have to click the EXPAND WIDGETS checkbox that is in blogger which will show more HTML. I hope this helps. I saw you used the WIBIYA tool bar which has a handy snow feature now also, but it does tend to slow your blog down, it took me a lot longer to load your blog.

I would like to start looking to receive ARCs to review, but would like a little clarification on what exactly those are. Are ARCs finished copies of the books, or uncorrected proofs? It’s important to me because I’m a librarian and would like to pass the books on to my library, but libraries cannot take unfinished books for circulation. – Anon

ARCS are a marketing tool, a form of book that is published before they enter into general circulation. They are usually distributed six months before release date to drum up buzz for the books release. They are NOT FINISHED and will usually have some editing issues. Some even have alternate endings or extra scenes that will be 86d before they are finished. These are not finished and from what I heard, cannot be included in your library. This is what most of the librarians told me at ALA this past summer.

XO – Happy Thursday, Talk Less, Read More.

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