An emotional reaction garnered from the pages of a book is like nothing else. The reason why I’m so infatuated with the genres of dystopian and apocalyptic is because of this emotional reaction. A great apocalypse book will turn me into an emotional wreck. I will see myself within the pages, fighting for survival‚Ķthat is if the book is done right. ASHFALL is one of those apocalypse books that are done right. ASHFALL had a very real and scary apocalyptic event, compelling characters that you fall in love with and watch transition into phenomenal people and a plot that will have you biting your nails, crying, offended and scared silly all in a matter of moments. I couldn’t get enough of this novel. If you like a good apocalypse story you’ll love ASHFALL.

Alex doesn’t want the last thing he did with his mom to be a fight, but it may turn out that way after he is left at home alone for the weekend and the unthinkable happens. The caldera under Yellowstone park has gone nuclear – a supervolcano has exploded and Alex’s home is destroyed. One minute he’s cherishing his ‘alone-time’ and the next he is fighting for his life. As his house burns and the neighbors instantly turn feral Alex sets out to travel over 100 miles to find his parents because he knows the only thing that matters anymore is being with his family.

The world isn’t what it was just a few days before though it has been transformed into an alien landscape, the temperatures plunging and the sun barely visible. The strong prey on the weak and kindness from a stranger is few and far between. But, Alex does find kindness and friendship in the wreckage of the world. As 100 miles of travel becomes not just a journey to find his parents, but a path that will turn a boy into a man.

Quite epic. Yes, indeed. Ashfall has everything I could want in a good End-o-da-world scenario. There is graphic violence, political corruption, scientific explanations, a real scenario feel and then a smudge of coming of age and romance all rolled into one. COULD NOT GET ENOUGH! This book was real, things happened that I could imagine. And let me tell you, I’m a little scared of what Blackwater would do in a similar situation also!! I mean the contractor from the book. It was just real and Alex and Darla were those larger-than-life characters that come around every now and again and not because I had the hots for Alex, they were just good, well-formed and four-dimensional characters that grew before your eyes. I highly recommend ASHFALL.

Critics have mentioned the ending, which I had no problem with. I thought there was a suitable conclusion and progression. Yes, it will be a series book (what book isn’t these days???), but I accept that and can’t wait to read more! Bring it on Mr. Mullin.

Recommended for mature teens, there are very violent events and sexual encounters along with rape. Nothing in blatant detail though and I think it can be digested by a mature teen audience, just something you want to keep in mind before passing it on to your teen or tween.

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‘Ashfall’ ‘by Mike Mullin ARC was provided by the publisher {Tanglewood Press} in exchange for an honest review. This review was previously published but was eaten by the transfer from Blogger to WordPress.