Don’t get your zombies all mushed up with romance or emotional trauma — get it straight up, with a side of ‘in your face’ with the novel ‘Day By Day Armageddon’ by JL Bourne. I did this one in audio book form, narration by Jay Snyder and I was not disappointed. It is a told from the perspective of a military man’s diary with no frills, just zombie attacks, the steps they took to evade and what goes down along the way. I really enjoyed this piece and its straight forward commentary was different and spiced up my zombie obsession a notch. This is one you don’t want to miss if you are deep in the zombie trenches like I am! It is scare you silly good all the while dropping some knowledge on how to bug in or bug out depending on your zombie situation.


It was the narrator’s New Year’s Resolution to start keeping a journal while on leave in Arkansas. When returning to San Antonio he finds out something terrible is occurring in China and that our government has deployed troops to aide in the situation. The unnamed narrator of the journal lets it be known that he is an officer in the Navy, an aviator from what can be surmised and very prepared for the coming Armageddon. When word gets to him of the horrific bug that has swept from China to the US shores he quickly prepares himself for the worse. Holed up in his home the tragedy plays out on the television and the streets below him as the dead return to life and our narrator realizes that soon he might just be one of the very few still alive…

The militaristic record keeping along with the straight forward relay of events was quite enjoyable for me. Sometimes books like this don’t really work for me, like ‘Robopocalypse’, but with ‘Day By Day Armageddon’ it did. Mostly because the author stuck with his one narrator and didn’t try to cram in other POVs even though you knew it was a journal. That old, ‘compiling’ data in some unknown future trick. The narrator was likable in his thoughts even though he didn’t pull any punches. He was a good man, even though in the beginning he did desert his unit. The novel had all the good points of a zombie novel and a few added bonuses. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.


Recommended for fans of zombie fiction and apocalypse novel. Protagonist is a military adult male and is suitable for a more mature audience because of language and violence. Good for both male and female readers.

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