Comedic Paranormal Romance Review, Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love


I’m all for light hearted chick lit, but somewhere ‘Devilishly Hot’ just lost it for me. It was as if the author read ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and decided to make a real paranormal romance out of it, with an added bonus of quirky chick-lit flavoring. The first few chapters actually drew me in, but the moment the romantic interplay started I lost all interest. The romance just wasn’t there.


‘Devilishly Hot’ is the story of back-water, country girl, Annie Lou Riddle who had a dream to break into the fashion industry. What she ended up doing was selling her soul to a demon and basically becoming a slave at the fashion magazine HOT!. Her demon/boss/slave owner is Finola White and her mistreatment of employees (murder) has drawn the attention of super hot NYPD detective Nick Rossi, who has an instant hard, *cough* I mean attraction for Annie Lou. But, with Annie’s soul caught up with Finola and Nick’s determination to find out the truth – this relationship seems doomed from the start.

I enjoyed the first half of this book – but it seemed as I got into the romantic interplay I lost all interest. It was funny and entertaining but romantic was just not what crossed my mind and this was supposed to be a paranormal romance. I guess what struck me the wrong way was the “hook up” scene.


— Annie is attracted to Nick, but she invites him to go see her current boyfriends WAAAY off Broadway production. Yes, she is dating a guy for the past few years and invites her crush to go see his bad acting in a play — make sense? After their odd, not really a date, but I’m still hot for you play watching, they go back stage and she finds him {her current boyfriend – aforementioned bad actor} screwing his cast mate for everyone to see against a wall or something. Well, this pushes Annie towards Nick and they quickly fall into bed. That just wasn’t romantic for me! That is call rebound or revenge sex.


I had to put it down a few chapters after that scene. Especially when the interplay between Nick and Annie started to sound like every other romance novel and the Satan scenes, while comical became almost achingly silly.  If you are looking for a comical and not too original paranormal romance chick lit, go for it. If not, there is much better out there.

I do not recommend this book

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Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love ARC was provided by the publisher {Kensington/Brava} in exchange for an honest review.