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Earlier your blog had snow falling from it…How did you get it to do that? I tried to look it up online but couldn’t find how. -Shelby

Earlier your blog had snow falling from it…How did you get it to do that? I tried to look it up online but couldn’t find how.


To add snow on your blog can be easy if you have WordPress, they make a plugin, the Let it Snow! WordPress plugin. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/let-it-snow/

For blogger things are a little more involved

My favorite is a little non image javascript coding that I found by searching the net. It will require code. It was created by: http://rainbow.arch.scriptmania.com/scripts/

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Go to your DESIGN area and then EDIT HTML

Step 3: Search for </BODY> tag and copy the below code above the tag

<SCRIPT type=”text/javascript”>
// Set the number of snowflakes (more than 30 – 40 not recommended)
var snowmax=35

// Set the colors for the snow. Add as many colors as you like
var snowcolor=new Array(“#aaaacc“,”#ddddff“,”#ccccdd“,”#f3f3f3“,”#f0ffff“)

// Set the fonts, that create the snowflakes. Add as many fonts as you like
var snowtype=new Array(“Times“,”Arial“,”Times“,”Verdana“)

// Set the letter that creates your snowflake (recommended: * )
var snowletter=”*

// Set the speed of sinking (recommended values range from 0.3 to 2)
var sinkspeed=0.6

// Set the maximum-size of your snowflakes
var snowmaxsize=30

// Set the minimal-size of your snowflakes
var snowminsize=8

// Set the snowing-zone
// Set 1 for all-over-snowing, set 2 for left-side-snowing
// Set 3 for center-snowing, set 4 for right-side-snowing
var snowingzone=1


// Do not edit below this line
var snow=new Array()
var marginbottom
var marginright
var timer
var i_snow=0
var x_mv=new Array();
var crds=new Array();
var lftrght=new Array();
var browserinfos=navigator.userAgent
var ie5=document.all&&document.getElementById&&!browserinfos.match(/Opera/)
var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all
var opera=browserinfos.match(/Opera/)
var browserok=ie5||ns6||opera

function randommaker(range) {
return rand

function initsnow() {
if (ie5 || opera) {
marginbottom = document.body.scrollHeight
marginright = document.body.clientWidth-15
else if (ns6) {
marginbottom = document.body.scrollHeight
marginright = window.innerWidth-15
var snowsizerange=snowmaxsize-snowminsize
for (i=0;i<=snowmax;i++) {
crds[i] = 0;
lftrght[i] = Math.random()*15;
x_mv[i] = 0.03 + Math.random()/10;
snow[i].style.fontFamily=snowtype[randommaker(snowtype.length)] snow[i].size=randommaker(snowsizerange)+snowminsize
snow[i].style.color=snowcolor[randommaker(snowcolor.length)] snow[i].style.zIndex=1000
if (snowingzone==1) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright-snow[i].size)}
if (snowingzone==2) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)}
if (snowingzone==3) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/4}
if (snowingzone==4) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/2}

function movesnow() {
for (i=0;i<=snowmax;i++) {
crds[i] += x_mv[i];

if (snow[i].posy>=marginbottom-2*snow[i].size || parseInt(snow[i].style.left)>(marginright-3*lftrght[i])){
if (snowingzone==1) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright-snow[i].size)}
if (snowingzone==2) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)}
if (snowingzone==3) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/4}
if (snowingzone==4) {snow[i].posx=randommaker(marginright/2-snow[i].size)+marginright/2}
var timer=setTimeout(“movesnow()”,50)

for (i=0;i<=snowmax;i++) {
document.write(“<span id=’s”+i+”‘ style=’position:absolute;top:-“+snowmaxsize+”‘>”+snowletter+”</span>”)
if (browserok) {


There are a few things you can configure in this javascript.

Set the number of snowflakes, look for the code in red “snowmax=35″ and set it between 1 – 40

Set the color of the snow, search #aaaacc”,”#ddddff”,”#ccccdd”,”#f3f3f3″,”#f0ffff” and change it to the hexidecimal you would like.

There are a bunch of things you can set, and the creator of the code set it up nicely and easy to use. Speed of sinking, size of snowflakes, fonts you can use, etc. You can even center, or all over snow. It is a pretty handy set of javascript.

How do you change your avatar from Zombies to Christmas and all that? I have this template I downloaded and I want to make it into a Christmas template, but I don’t know how. – Yancy


Hi Yancy, I actually design them myself. I have design software and the PJ chick is a custom illustration that I drew myself and then shaded in Photoshop. I change them for holidays and on a whim because I have the ability. I would suggest either purchasing or downloading a free photo editing software and play around with it. See if that is your forte and if you have the ability. If not, you can always hire someone to make the changes for you. I’ve done that a lot for a few bloggers, designed an avatar and then given that avatar numerous “costumes”. It’s like playing Barbie again 😉

Have a good day folks, this is short and late because I’ve been dealing with some nasty stuff, stomach viruses that brought us to Children’s Hospital, father-in-law strokes, evil ex-sister-in-laws that just try to make my families life miserable…love you guys though! Make your blog snow and put the link in the comments. If you have any problems with the code, just comment. I’ll try to get back ASAP.

XO – Happy Thursday, Talk Less, Read More.

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