Skeptical. I was skeptical going into this book. I think the synopsis writer didn’t do this book justice. Basically it sounded like an over blown love triangle story with an angel mythos. My copy literally said fans of ‘Hush, Hush’ and ‘Fallen’ should enjoy. I just figured this was just another love triangle YA that substitute angels for vampires, or werewolves or whatever else is the “thing” at the present moment. THUS proving that you can’t judge a book by a synopsis and never can you know if you are going to like a book before you even read it, because frankly I didn’t think I would like this book. Thank you Ms. Davies for proving me wrong. ‘A Beautiful Dark’ was a refreshingly new take on the old ideas. I didn’t have a problem with this love triangle or the angel mythology because of the character depth, formation and the interesting setting.

Skye has just turned seventeen and on the night of her birthday she meets two mysterious new additions to her small town that end up getting in a fist fight, she even thinks it might be about her and then the boiler in the basement explodes and her world is never quite what it used to be. The next day at school Devin and Asher are both there and she might be mistaken but it seems they are following her, watching her, waiting for something. They hint at something, something more, about her and about her parents – and how they died.

‘A Beautiful Dark’ is a compelling addition to the young adult paranormal genre.

I was pleasantly surprised by the character development and well flushed out plot. Jocelyn Davies weaved an interesting back story and I was literally ‘vaclempt’ between the choice of Asher or Devin. The lack of free will I thought was a given though, but you never know when it comes to choices and YA books of course. I liked how Davies blurred the lines so you don’t know what is black and what is white, what is good and what is bad. You assume from the usual mythology that one side is right and one side is wrong but as the plot progresses I was suitably confused (which is a good thing). Overall I was really pleased with the novel and the unique way everything played out. I look forward to reading more in the series and from Jocelyn Davies.

Recommended for fans of young adult and the paranormal genre. Davies writing reminded me of authors like Bree Despain and Cassandra Clare. If you are fans of those authors you should really enjoy ‘A Beautiful Dark.’

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Young Adult Novel

‘A Beautiful Dark’ ‘by Jocelyn Davies ARC was provided by the publisher {HarperTeen} in exchange for an honest review.