Some fabulous dystopian novels have come out this year and ‘Legend’ is another epic addition. ‘Legend’ has everything a good dystopian needs, an overpowering government, a great divide between the wealthy and the poor and a focus on two uniquely driven but deep, well-drawn out characters. The setting was unique, the interplay between characters was excellent and the plot kept the book moving with enough anxiety that I didn’t want to put this book down! Put ‘Legend’ on your TBR list, you won’t be disappointed.


The world of ‘Legend’ is based in what we know of today as The West Coast. A new country has risen up in the shadow of war, it is called the Republic. Ruled by an overlord and a heavy handed military presence, the Republic treats it’s rich like royalty and the poor like vermin.

Day and June are from two sides of the perspective. Day born poor and from a very low class family has turned to terrorist like activity after he escapes from a work camp, his actions label him as the Republic’s most wanted criminal. June, from the other side of the spectrum has been groomed for the military since she was very young. Her test scores are off the charts and she quickly advances through the military school that she was assigned to. When her brother, her only remaining family member, is killed – all the evidence points to the criminal Day. June’s first task as an officer – hunt down Day if it is the last thing she does. Yet, the closer she gets to him, the more she realizes that somethings are not always so black and white.

Fast-paced and intriguing, ‘Legend’ was compelling, emotional and thought-provoking. I couldn’t get enough of the story of both Day and June, but more so Day. His story was worth it. His character above and beyond. I’ve read a few other dystopians where the characters were helped throughout their plot by other third party characters – but I constantly had to ask myself “why?” Why are they helping this worthless character? Not so with Day, you knew why he invoked loyalty and love from the people around him. His character was well-formed and larger-than-life. On top of the characters, the action and adventure of the novel along with the mystery behind June’s brothers death made the book even more intense.

I’m slavering to get my heads on book 2, but, alas I don’t even think there is a name for it yet…


Recommended for teens and adults alike, fans of the dystopian genre should really enjoy but this would also be a good cross-over novel for general fiction fans that want to give dystopian a try.

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‘Legend’ by Marie Lu ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.