I am honestly just at a loss for the epic failure of this book. The sad thing about it was how well it started. I was immediately sucked in and excited and then after I had gotten my feet wet I just kept reading and going ‘what?’ ‘huh?’ and ‘I think I might have read this before?’ And I had read it before in a book that you might be familiar with, called ‘Twilight’. I really hate comparing books to ‘Twilight’ because basically you can probably do this to a lot of young adults books from love triangles to the paranormal elements, but the more you look into ‘Carrier of the Mark’ the resemblances between the books are so very similar that you really wonder how the author got this one past the publisher.


A girl named Megan moves to a new, small town, well really a new country. She doesn’t know anyone and it is like a whole other world. Being an American and living in a variety of places makes her a novelty so she is quickly sucked in by a popular group. Megan lost her mother at an early age, so her father is her sole guardian. Sometimes in the relationship you have a hard time figuring out who is in charge and making the rules.

At school Megan is instantly drawn to the absolutely mind-blowing gorgeous, yet withdrawn Adam DeRis, but everyone says don’t even try because he is a jerk and not interested in anyone at the school. Adam though is also drawn to Megan and his obvious interest surprises everyone at the school. Yet, even though he seems interested, he stays away and makes cryptic statements. Adam also has a carefree and pixie like sister named Aine who seems like she wants to befriend Bella, I mean Megan, but something is keeping Alice, I mean Aine, back. Then there is another sibling, Rian, who if looks could kill, Megan would be cold in the ground…Rosalie, I mean Rian is standoffish and makes rude statements to Megan at first, but then warms to her.

Through a freak accident because of her friends carelessness Megan almost dies, but Adam flies to the rescue and saves her through seemingly supernatural means and gets Megan thinking that something might not be human about the über-hot Adam DeRis but she’s still insta-attracted to him no matter what. Are you starting to get the picture here?

The comparisons go on and on and on (spoilers beware).

  • Adam comes to the rescue of Megan when she is accosted by horny, drunk men as she is walking alone
  • The siblings are raised by a non-related hot guardian named Fionn that could have been Carlise
  • The insta-attraction that Adam and Megan share is looked at with trepidation by his family but after only 2 weeks they can see the super-love they share and know there is no separating these two
  • There is an all-powerful ruling Order that monitors people like them and might have the power to pull them apart
  • There are evil versions of people like them and they could potentially hurt Megan
  • An evil version, who considers himself someone that tracks people, kidnaps Megan
  • Adam and the rest of the family come to the rescue at the last minute and they destroy the evil guy

The book was a rewritten Twilight, just substitute Ireland for Forks and elemental powers for vampire powers. The good thing though was Megan had some kick-ass powers herself instead of being a bumbling, self-sacrificing weakling. I also know that a lot of people think that Twilight was badly written, even though I’m not of that opinion and I didn’t think ‘Carrier of the Mark’ was even better written. Don’t waste your time with this one. There is so many more, well-written and original stories out there that you shouldn’t sully your reading-time with blatant rip-offs and novels that are just written because paranormal young adult is a hot seller.

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  1. Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) by Stephenie Meyer
  2. Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls) by Maggie Stiefvater

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‘Carrier of the Mark’ by Leigh Fallon ARC was provided by the publisher {HarperTeen} in exchange for an honest review.