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My Quick Thoughts on Breaking Dawn Part I

I felt it necessary to let you know how the movie was, for me, especially after my earlier rant regarding the movie. First, I would like to praise the particular theater that we saw the movie in, The Theaters at Canal Place (downtown New Orleans). I know most of you aren’t in the area, but what a place to see a movie! The ticket price is higher than the usual AMC theater, but anywhere I can have concierge service and order a fantastic Rioja before the show from a very conciliatory waitress – I’m all about it! Not to mention the intimate seating. Fold out tray tables and no more than forty seats. I’m sold. That will be where the grown-ups see their movies from now on. Just might have to save our nickels for a few months before doing so. Gives me plenty of time for The Hunger Games.

Now, for the movie.

The first five minutes I was kind of scared because they just went right into the movie without any fan fare or credits. My husband actually leaned over an asked me, “Is this the movie?” And on top of it they had this really, I guess the word, cheesy comes to mind, background music playing and it really scared me because it just seemed awkward. But, it settled down, the wedding began and the story began to unfold. The wedding was beautiful and remarkably done. I really enjoyed the toasts and thought it was a well played plus for serious fans of the series.

The honeymoon was spectacular and from this point on it followed the book amazing well. Non-book readers might have had a hard time understanding the complexity of the situation, Bella’s thoughts about keeping the child, Edward’s thoughts about it destroying her, Rosalie’s roll in the whole situation. But, being such an internal play I don’t know how this could have been accomplished better. The only one I think they might have explained better was Rose. But they kept it very very close to the book from what I could tell.

The CGI enhancement of Bella was amazing, they did such a good job just making her look wasted. I kept thinking, “Oh she looks horrible.” Like a concerned friend, I feel quite attached to these characters. Then — once the birthing scene goes into full gear it is nothing but a cringe fest. It was handled beautifully also, nothing was held back, but I do think this is where they deviated from the book to tantalize non-book readers and it kind of irritated me, yet their sidetrack make logical sense, since in the book Bella’s change to vampire is so very internal.

I also have to say that the Jacob scenes were actually explained a bit better via movie (his battling with the thought of imprint, Leah’s take on things, his actual imprint) than book. Or maybe I wasn’t giving them credit in the book and I’ve had time to accept them for the movie. But, it was well done, yet if I was Edward and my newborn daughter just imprinted on a grown wolf I think I might have been a bit more concerned. It is what it is right?

• Make-up was better
• Acting has improved but still needs work
• Settings were brilliant and absolutely gorgeous

Now for the dislikes. The soundtrack was horrible. They usually have such good music in these movies, the background music was terribly cheesy, from the elevator love songs during the wedding and honeymoon, to the booming tribal drums for the wolf scenes. It was just badly handled and when I notice the background music something is off. Then they recycled most of the music from the earlier movies. The only good music was music from prior soundtracks.

The entire group was in agreement with the Alpha split scene, where Jacob stands up to Sam. It could been improved. It was really rather off and again cheesy comes to mind. This includes the graphics also, the motion of the wolves was noticeably off, the jumping and things like that. They were better done in New Moon and Eclipse. I know canter and movement is the hardest thing to do in computer graphics, you could tell it needed work.

Overall, I was pleased and enjoyed the movie. I do think that they should have made this one movie though because I had the impression that it was a short movie leaving the theater and a few in our group remarked the same way. They’ve done three hour movies before, right? Do we remember Titanic? The wedding and honeymoon could have been cut down a bit. I just feel they are being money grubby on extending the series much like Harry Potter. That is just my humble opinion though and I urge fans to go see it.

From an outsider’s perspective, I dragged the hubs to this one. He hadn’t seen any of the movies (maybe bits of Twilight) and had not read a word of the books. I gave him a synopsis of the storyline before we attended. His thoughts were actually positive and said it was a good love story and the movie carried him. So there you go.


My favorite scene was the very ending. I’m a CGI dork and watching Bella’s body reanimate was amazing! And the ending scene with her popping those eyes open. I thought they ended it very well and it was compelling enough. I wanted to see her jump up though…


Questions if you’ve seen the movie *****

Did you see the movie? What did you think of the soundtrack? How about the wolves? Did the internal fight seem cheesy to you? Did you find the honeymoon and wedding too dragged out and they probably could have fit it all in one longer movie?