Zombie ApocalypseThe Book Brunette on ParajunkeeWho better to ask for a list of their favorite zombie novels, in honor of The PJV Zombie Apocalypse, than my fellow blogger and twitter bud, the Bookish Brunette. I mean c’mon this is her twitter avi —->

Bookish BrunetteThe absolutely fabulous Parajunkee asked me to give her a list of my Top 10 favorite ZOMBIE books to share with her lovely followers… I’m the Ashley from the Bookish Brunette and I shall be your Zombie Connoisseur today!

1.   The First Days

  Zombie Genre: Post-Apocalyptic (adult, horror, EPIC *it counts*)

2.   Rot & Ruin

•  Zombie Genre: Post-Apocalyptic (YA, post-apocalyptic, coming of age, EPIC)

3.   Married with Zombies

  Zombie Genre: Comedy (post-apocalyptic, adult, CRAZY funny)

4.   Zombies Don’t Cry

  Zombie Genre: Comedy (YA, contemporary, super fun, romance)

5.   Zombie Queen of Newbury High

  Zombie Genre: Comedy (YA, contemporary, super fun, romance)

6.   Enclave

  Zombie Genre: Dystopian (YA, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, romance)

7.   The Dark Hollow Places

  Zombie Genre: Dystopian (YA, post-apocalyptic, romance)

8.   The Hungry

  Zombie Genre: Comedy (adult, post-apocalyptic, crude-humor)

9.   Dearly, Departed

  Zombie Genre: Romance (YA,post-apocalyptic, steampunk-ish)

10. My Life as a White Trash Zombie

  Zombie Genre: Mystery/Drama (contemporary, coming of age, mystery)